September 03, 2015

Bio Seaweed Gel Welcome to Summer Nail Art Contest!

Hello readers,
Today I have some nail art I put together for Bio Seaweed Gel's Welcome To Summer Nail Art Contest to share with you.  I was challenged to come up with a summer inspired freehand nail art look using two BSG Unity polishes.  For my mani I tried to mimic the ripples on the surface of a pool on a hot summer day.  I did a dry marble using Whitehorse and Yellowknife and then, using a technique I accidentally discovered when swatching Whitehorse, I added physical ripples using a magnet.  Here's the final look in daylight spectrum lighting.

For more info on Unity polishes check out my review of BSG Whitehorse.  If you want to try out Bio Seaweed Gel polish make sure you use the coupon code THELAZYLAQUERISTA to get $10 off your purchase at until December 30, 2015.  You can also find Bio Seaweed Gel on:

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