November 13, 2014

Angular Colour Blocked Nails

Hello readers,
Today I have some more nail art to show you.  I broke out the striping tape a some creme and glitter polish to create this look.  I used Zoya Cosmo for the base colour and Zoya Natty for the colour blocking.

Zoya Cosmo

To make this look I started with my Zoya Cosmo mani that I had already been wearing for a couple days.  I added a coat of HK Girly top coat to smooth everything out and let it dry completely.  I then marked out the are on the tip that I wanted to fill with my creme polish with striping tape.  After painting the tip I removed the striping tape while the polish was still wet.  I then waited for the tips to dry and repeated the process at the side of the nail.  Finally I topped everything with another coat of HK Girl top coat.  Photos show this mani in daylight spectrum lighting.

Color Blocking Nail Art Color Blocking Nail Art

Color Blocking Nail Art Color Blocking Nail Art

Happy polishing,


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  1. So glamourous! These would be perfect for a holiday party.