November 05, 2014

Navy Blobicure

Hello readers,
Today I have a nail art attempt to show you.  It's been way too long since my last one!  I used two newly obtained polishes from the Essence Aquatix collection.  I happened to be at the store when the display was put out and immediately snatched up most of the polishes, haha.

I started with a thick coat of Loreal After Hours.  Then I immediately dripped drops of Essence Under Water Love and Aquatix Bay randomly on the nail.  Finally I topped everything off with a coat of CND Super Shiney top coat.  In hindsight, glittery polishes tend to be a little thick which explains why the drops didn't spread out as much as expected.  However, the large polka dotted result is still really cute.

Dotticure Dotticure

Dotticure Dotticure

Dotticure Dotticure

Happy polishing,