July 06, 2014

Summer Of Untrieds Day 6: Orange - ILNP Undenied (H)

Hello readers,
I'm back to the #summerofuntrieds challenge and today's theme was Orange.  I'm not a huge fan of orange polishes which means I don't own very many and didn't have any orange untrieds.  I did however just get ILNP Undenied (H) which shifts from purple to orange to gold and I figured that was good enough to fit the category.

The formula on this polish was fantastic.  It only took two coats to become opaque and dried quite quickly too.  I took the photos in indirect sunlight so you could better see the colour shift of this multichrome.  In direct sunlight the holo aspect o the polishes takes over and produces a sparkly scatter holo rainbow.  Photos show two coats of Undenied (H) with one coat of CND Super Shiney top coat in natural lighting.

Happy polishing,


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