July 04, 2014

Products I Finished This Month - June 2014

Hello readers,
I finished up a wide variety of products this month, some of which I loved but have unfortunately been discontinued.  Isn't that always how it goes??

Bath & Body Works Black Raspberry Vanilla Body Lotion
I've actually been hanging on to this lotion for a few years since it was in my favorite scent which got discontinued.  I finally decided it was time to use it up while it was still good.  I loved this lotion and would definitely buy it again if I could.

Clinique Repairwear Laser Focus
Another Clinique bonus freebie.  This serum is very nice and gentle.  I can't comment on it's wrinkle correcting powers but hopefully it's helping me prevent them.  I probably wouldn't purchase this product now due to the fact that I don't really need it but maybe down the road.

Yves Rocher Vanille Coco Nourishing Balm
I found the gold shimmer in the balm a bit overpowering for my complexion so I tended to put it on before going to bed.  The balm itself was very moisturizing though and I checked to see if it came in any other colours.  Unfortunately this too has been discontinued.

Tarrah Essentials Tea Tree Facial Toner

I got this toner in the spring 2014 sweet delights sample box and I absolutely loved it.  I was planning on purchasing it but when I went to their website the promo code they had provided in the box didn't work which annoyed me.  I ended up buying The Body Shop's tea tree toner as a replacement instead.

The Body Shop Tea Tree Skin Clearing Facial Wash

As I've mentioned before this is my go to face wash.  It's gentle and doesn't strip away moisture.  I've already purchased a replacement.

Julep Double Step Foot Treatment & Friction Stick
I got this in one of the Julep mystery boxes and finally decided to give it a try.  On the aspect of a foot treatment I didn't find it really did much.  I covered the rough spots on my feet before going to bed every night with the product but didn't see any noticeable difference.  On the friction stick aspect I was actually quite pleased.  It was effective at helping my stretch out a pair of leather sandals with straps that were a bit to tight.  I have two more of these and I'll use them with blister causing shoes/sandals in the future.

Qtica Half Time Polish Drying Accelerator
I love these drops.  They were my first introduction to quick dry drops when I got them for free with a zoya order.  I used them in combination with my CND Super Shiney top coat and they definitely sped up the drying time.  I have a bottle of the OPI version to work through currently but I would definitely consider purchasing these again.

Happy polishing,


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