July 10, 2014

Emerald & Ash Life In Color Collection Part I

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Today I have some polishes to show that I've really been looking forward to receiving.  Emerald & Ash released their Life In Color collection this morning.  In Ashley and Nate's own words "The 14 polishes in Life in Color were created because we absolutely love color and sometimes the colors we wanted to make just didn’t fit into a collection. This was our chance to play and make things we’ve been thinking of for the past year, as well as allowing us to to play with different finishes we haven’t used before. Seeing as this was our chance to play with color, we decided to take this opportunity to give names to the polish that make us laugh while mixing in some that have personal meaning to us."

 Based in the idea of rainstorms when it’s still sunny out. Crazy little storms. A cloudy grey crelly that shows off a beautiful blue shimmer when in the sun. An added touch of rainbow flakies mimics the rain as the sun is hitting it. Perfect for a rainy mood that needs a little pick me up! Full coverage in two to three coats depending on application.

This polish is a lovely neutral but not neutral at the same time kind of polish.  The shimmer and microflakes are just gorgeous.  I used three thin coats to reach opacity.  I did find that the polish dried quite quickly so if you notice a sheer patch just wait until the next coat to patch it up to avoid dragging.  Photos show three coats of Sunshower with one coat of HK Girl top coat in natural lighting.

Stubble Jumper
"A stunning polish that was created for Courtney over at Swatcher, Polish Ranger, and she was kind enough to let us include it in our collection. Stubble jumper refers to a person or farmer who has to jump over the wheat "stubble" as they walk across the fields. This blue-ish teal crelly is flecked with blue shimmer as well as yellow and green/gold micro flakies. It is a stunner that gives full coverage in 2-3 coats depending on your application."

I remember seeing this polish as part of Swatcher, Polish Ranger's giveaway and being very jealous of the winners.  I'm so happy I am able to add it to my collection now too.  This polish had a fantastic formula.  It appears sheer on the first coat but layers up very nicely.  I used three thin coats to reach opacity.  I love the flecked shimmer in this one.  It catches the light so nicely!  Photos show three coats of Stubble Jumper with one coat of HK Girl top coat in natural lighting.


I love these polishes! I thought Sunshower would be my favorite but Stubble Jumper snuck up and took that title.  I also have one more polish from this collection on its way to me in the mail and it will be the subject of Part II.  You can find all of the polishes from the Life In Color Collection on the Emerald & Ash website.  They are available for pre-order now and will starting shipping on July 21st.  You can find everything about E&A at:

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