February 22, 2019

Born Pretty Store Blooming Nail Polish Review & Nail Art

Born Pretty Store Blooming Nail Polish Review

Hello readers,
Today I have some nail art polishes from Born Pretty Store to share with you. The Blooming Nail Polishes are supposed to automatically spread out after application to create a sheer center and darker edges. However, I didn't realize that they were meant to be used over gel polish until after I picked them to review. Today's post is an experiment of using them with regular polish. Let's take a look at how it turned out.

Born Pretty Store Blooming Nail Polish Stealthy Frog, The Glory Of Star, Constant Jade and Holy Mate.

The Born Pretty Store Blooming Nail Polishes have a thin watery consistency. I would think of them more of an ink than a polish. Despite the thin formula they pack a fair bit of colour and I had no problem getting bright vivid colours over a white base. Another positive is that they didn't stain when I got them on my skin or cuticles. Regular acetone remover cleaned them up easily.

Now onto the overall question for my experiment, do these 'bloom' over regular polish? No, not really. I could get a little bit of a fluid look when I applied the clear Stealthy Frog right after the coloured polish, but nothing near what was expected. They pretty much dried and stayed exactly where I applied them. For this nail art I experimented over Zoya Snow White and used Essie Gel Couture top coat to seal everything up.

Born Pretty Store Blooming Nail Polish

Born Pretty Store Blooming Nail Polish

Born Pretty Store Blooming Nail Polish

Final Thoughts

When using these over regular polish you're not going to get the blooming effect. However, since these are so pigmented, tend to stay where you apply them and didn't smudge with top coat I think these have the potential to be used to fill in stamped designs. You can find Born Pretty Store on

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  1. The blooming effect can only really be accomplished with either watercolor, or alcohol based nail polish. Both types are gel polishes. If you want that effect with regular polish you need to have a separate brush dipped in alcohol. Regular polish dries too quickly on it’s own, but it is possible, with some practice.