February 13, 2017

Dance Legend Caviar Shine 1011 Blue Regal Swatches & Review

Dance Legend Caviar Shine Blue Regal

Hello readers,
Today I have a pretty unique polish to share with you. Dance Legend Blue Regal full of glitter but not sparkly which results in a really interesting speckled look. Let's take a look at swatches.

Dance Legend Caviar Shine Dance Legend Blue Regal

Blue Regal has a sheer blue jelly base filled with matte white and black glitters, along with a sprinkling of blue flecked shimmer. Despite the sheer amount of glitters, the formula was surprisingly easy to work with. I just brushed it on like a regular polish, no dabbing required. It took two coats to become opaque. The glitters do make themselves known as it dries down though. While not gritty, the finish is a bit uneven so I recommend an extra coat of top coat to even everything out. Photos show two coats of Blue Regal with two coats of Lucky 13 Lacquer Elemental Ward top coat in daylight spectrum lighting.

Dance Legend Caviar Shine swatch

Dance Legend Caviar Shine 1011 swatch

Dance Legend Caviar Shine swatch

I love this finish. It's just so squishly and speckly. I don't think I've seen anything else quite like it. You can find Dance Legend on

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