January 20, 2017

Zoya Naturel 3 Collection - The Lipsticks

Hello readers,
Today I have three new shades from the Zoya Perfect Lipstick that were released along with the Naturel 3 nail polish collection to share with you. Didn't know that Zoya made lipstick? They currently have 13 creamy shades to choose from. Let's take a look at the new additions.


Cameron is described as a creamy nude with a satin finish. I found the formula quite sheer and difficult to build up to any significant level of coverage. The swatches below took several swipes and are still somewhat patchy. Though it is described as a satin finish, the formula was very creamy and is prone to transfer. This one was a miss for me.


Paisley is described as a blush rose with a satin finish. The pigmentation on this one was a lot better than Cameron. I was easily able to get a nice even finish didn't have any problems with bleeding. Like Cameron, the formula is quite creamy so transfer is going to be a thing to deal with. This is a super natural colour though, so it fades gracefully.


Maxwell is described as a deep plum with a soft fuchsia fleck and a matte finish. First off, I would describe this more as a red than plum. The shimmer is there if you look closely, but not overpowering or super sparkly. It didn't add any feeling of grittiness to the formula. As for finish, I would call this satin rather than matte. It was the most pigmented of these three shades and was the longest wearing.


Maxwell is the winner of this collection for me. Paisley is also a lovely shade though it is more prone to transfer. Unfortunately Cameron just didn't live up to expectations. The sheer patchy formula and short wear time make it a shade you can probably live without. You can find Zoya on

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