December 15, 2016

Emily De Molly Absent Minded Swatches & Review

Emily de molly absent minded swatch

Hello readers,
Absent Minded is an older Emily De Molly Shade that had been on my wish list for while. When it reappeared in the US shop I snapped it up immediately and am so glad I did. Let's take a look at this squishy glittery shade.

purple glitter nail polish Purple and copper nail polish

Absent Minded features a squishy purple jelly base filled with a strong blue shimmer and an assortment of copper, red, and blue glitters. The formula was easy to work with and took two coats to become opaque. The finish was suprisingly smooth for a polish with so many glitters. One coat of top coat was enough for a smooth finish, but I added one more for a super squishy and glossy look. Photos show two coats of Absent Minded with two coats of Sephora X Shine XCEL top coat in daylight spectrum lighting.

Emily de molly absent minded

Emily de molly swatch

Emily de molly absent minded

I love this polish. It's the perfect combination of all shades in an easy to work with formula. You can find Emily De Molly on

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