December 03, 2015

Holiday Look With THEFACESHOP Cosmetics

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Today I have a selection of cosmetics from THEFACESHOP to share with you.  I've tried some of THEFACESHOP's skin care offerings before and really liked them so I was exicted to try out these beauty products.

Single Shadow (Cream) - BR01

The Face Shop Single Shadow (Cream) - BR01

This cream shadow has a very soft silky texture and blends really easily.  I found it did look a little more shimmery once applied than it did in the pan and tiny copper flecks become a more apparent.  For my own use, I needed to use it with primer.  However, this is because I have hooded eyes and there isn't a single eye product that doesn't need primer for me.  If you wear other cream shadows without primer successfully, I don't have any reason to suspect this one would be any different.

THE FACE SHOP Single Shadow (Cream) - BR01 swatch
Single Eyeshadow (Cream) - BR01 swatched over bare skin

Single Blush - BR01

THE FACE SHOP Single Blush - BR01

The formula on this blush is super soft and buttery.  It leans more to the sheer side and leaves cheeks with a subtle pink shimmer and dewy glow.  With my medium skin tone it doesn't add a lot of colour but for those with fair skin it would add a soft pink glow.

THEFACESHOP Single Blush - BR01 Swatch
Single Blush BR-01 heavy and blended swatches over bare skin

Ink Lipquid - Shah Pink (PK03)

THE FACE SHOP Ink Lipquid - Shah Pink (PK03)

Don't freak out when you pull the want out of the tube, the formula appears super fluorescent on the applicator but applies a lot more subdued.  The formula wasn't my favorite.  It was quite thin making it difficult to get an even coat of colour.  It was also quite sheer.  In the swatch below, I applied one coat, waited a minute for it to set and then applied a second.  I also found the doe foot applicator large and cumbersome to work with.  It made it difficult to get a get a clean line at the edge of my lips, and I ended up having to clean up around the corners where I couldn't apply the lip colour precisely.

THE FACE SHOP Ink Lipquid - Shah Pink (PK03) swatch
Two coats Ink Lipquid - Shah Pink (PK03) over bare lips

Color Proof Eye Liner - 04 Purple

THE FACE SHOP Color Proof Eye Liner - 04 Purple

This liquid liner comes with a tapered felt tip applicator.  It is on the wider side, so works best for thicker lines.  The liner formula itself was quite thin.  I had draw over the swatch line twice to get it opaque.  When you look at the liner straight on it appears close to black, but when light hits it from an angle a strong purple sheen appears.

THE FACE SHOP Color Proof Eye Liner - 04 Purple swatch THE FACE SHOP Color Proof Eye Liner - 04 Purple swatch
Two coats Color Proof Eyeliner - 04 Purple over bare skin

Freshian Volumizing Mascara

THE FACE SHOP Freshian Volumizing Mascara

Full disclosure, mascara is a special occasion make up item for me, and not something that I consider part of my cosmetic staples.  However, I still tested this one out.  I found the formula to be a bit sticky.  My eyelashes ended up clumped together after applying it, so I had to run a dry spooly through them to get the nice fanned out look below.  I did get good coverage with a single coat though, even with the need to comb through after application.

THE FACE SHOP Freshian Volumizing Mascara swatch
One coat Freshian Volumizing Mascara on top lashes


I used all the products above, along with my Urban Decay Primer Potion and Avon Big Color Eye Pencil in Natural Vibe in the look below.  The result is very pretty and natural and would be perfect for a night where you don't want to worry about touch ups or reapplying.

My personal favorite of the products I tried is the blush.  I love the subtle dewy finish it leaves on my cheeks.  You can find THEFACESHOP on

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