December 09, 2015

Double Stamped Floral Nail Art Featuring Born Pretty Store Plate BPL-026

Double Nail Stamping Nail Art

Hello readers,
Today I have another stamping plate from Born Pretty Store to share with you.  Plate BPL-026 features lots of leaf themed full-nail patterns as well as a few single leaf silhouettes for placed images.

I have to admit, this plate gave me a lot of trouble.  I used the same polishes I'd used successfully before but getting the design picked up off the plate was quite difficult.  In the photo below you can see that even one of my better attempts still had some gaps in the image.  After experimenting with a few stampers and scrapes, I found for this plate a metal scraper worked best with a firmer stamper head.  Make sure to act quickly after scraping though as the remaining polish dries quickly in the shallow etchings.

Once I finally found a scraper and stamper combo that seemed to work I stamped the design on my nails.  I started out with a base of Indigo Bananas Electric Unicorns and then stamped the same pattern using China Glaze Sleeping Under The Stars and Color Club What A Drag.  Finally I sealed everything up with a coat of CND Super Shiney top coat.  Photos below were taken in daylight spectrum lighting.

Double Nail Stamping Nail Art Double Nail Stamping Nail Art

Double Nail Stamping Nail Art Double Nail Stamping Nail Art

Double Nail Stamping Nail Art Double Nail Stamping Nail Art

Overall I'm pretty disappointed with this plate.  It took so much effort to get a crisp image picked up and on the nail.  This is the first BPS plate that I've had trouble with though so I'm hoping that it's a fluke.  If you're picking up any nail art supplies from Born Pretty Store make sure to use the coupon code MSTK31 for 10% your order of regular priced items.

Happy polishing,


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