December 21, 2015

Born Pretty Store Stamping Plate BP-L002 Review & Nail Art

Stamped Nail Art

Hello readers,
Today I have another stamping plate from Born Pretty Store to share with you.  Plate BP-L002 features two large abstract designs.

I think this is the best Born Pretty Store plate I've used so far in terms of quality.  The designs were well etched.  I tried it with both a plastic and metal scraper and found the metal scraper worked a bit better, but the plastic still produced usable images.  For my stamper I used the Moyou London marshmallow stamper.

I started out with a base of KBShimmer Totally Tubular.  I then used China Glaze Liquid Leather to stamp on the design from the left side of the plate.  Finally, I sealed everything up with one coat of Girly Bits Glitter Glaze.  The photos below were taken in daylight spectrum lighting.

Nail Art Nail Stamping

Nail Art Nail Stamping

Nail Art Nail Stamping

I'm very happy with this plate.  The images produced have nice crisp edges and I didn't have any trouble picking the design up off the plate.  I also love the extra large designs that allow all of your stamps to be different while still maintaining a theme.  If you're picking up any nail art supplies from Born Pretty Store make sure to use the coupon code MSTK31 for 10% your order of regular priced items.

Happy polishing,



  1. Such a pretty polish, and this is one of my most frequently used plates...

    1. I was really impressed with the quality of the plate, especially from a less expensive brand.