July 04, 2015

Products I Finished This Month - June 2015

Hello readers,
How is it July already? The summer is flying by.  A new page on the calender means it's time to go through a new pile of empties.

Pantene and Herbal Essences dominate the hair care empties as usual along with a couple sample bottles.

Bath & Body
I finished a couple mini bottle of I Love... bubble bath along with some Shamane body wash.  I also finished the sample of Soap's By Sarah Kitchen Companion Soap I got from a Sweet Delights sample box.  I really loved that it has coffee grounds in it which was a great exfoliant.

Hands & Nails
After a long life my clean up brush has kicked the bucket.  The bristles are just too frayed to give a nice line.  I replaced it with the exact same no name one off of ebay.  I also finished of a pack of cotton pads and the acetone free Absolute Remover pads I got from Beauty Box 5.  These remover pads were horrible.  They left my hands super greasy, dripped everywhere and it took a whole pad per nail even when just removing a creme.  They will not be making and appearance in my clean up repertoire again.

A few new to me items this month.  I tried the First Ad Beauty Face Cleanser which I loved.  The formula was really gentle, non-drying and that little tube lasted for over a month.  I also finished up a couple Glam Glow products both of which I really liked but they're so pricey that I'm hoping to find an alternative I love just as much.  As per usual there are also a few Clinique moisturizers in the mix.  The moisture surge has become my favorite but I have a bit of a stock pile of dramatically different moisturizing lotion which I should finish up before restocking.

Happy polishing,


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