May 06, 2015

Products I Finished This Month - April 2015

Hello readers,
It's finally May (aka the first month without snow here in Southern Ontario) which means it's time to go through April's empties.

Bath & Body
My standouts this month (again) were my citrus bath salts and the I love... bubble bath.  As I've mentioned before, the Julep Pomegranate scrub isn't my favorite due to the sticky residue it leaves on my skin.  I think I have one more of these to go through and I won't be purchasing any more after that.  The Whish shave cream I got in January's Birchbox was mediocre.  It did an alright job of moisturizing but gummed up my razor really badly which was quite annoying.  I wouldn't buy it again.  Regular shaving gel does a much better job.

My favorite item this month was the Embryolisse Lait-Creme Concentrate moisturizer that I got in March's Birchbox.  A little bit of this stuff went a long way and it didn't cause me to break out.  I would consider buying this in full size if the prize was right.  I didn't like the Garnier Ultra-Lift Transformer.  It didn't blend well with my skin at all.  The Yves Rocher clay mask continues to be a staple in my assortment of masks and the Lemon Zest mask was very cooling and refreshing.

Hand & Nails
I love quick dry drops and was very happy with OPI's version.  They help speed up drying time without causing your polish to shrink like some quick dry top coats.  I also like the Bliss high intensity hand creme.  It smelled very nice and was quite moisturizing but I do find their products a bit overpriced.

Like the past few months, Herbal Essences Naked products got used up again.  I'm having trouble finding the hairspray again though which is disappointing.  Hopefully it hasn't been discontinued.  I also finished the No.4 shampoo I got in March's Birchbox.  It was nice but nothing special.  I wouldn't buy it considering it's $39 price tag.

Happy polishing,



  1. ugh i had a pink grapefruit scrub from julep and i hated it so much i gave my pomegrante one away! i've never tried bliss hand cream but i love their body lotion. great job finishing things up!

    1. I have two left of the pomegranate and two left of the grapefruit. Once those are used up, never again.