May 15, 2015

Birchbox Canada May 2015 Unboxing & Review

Hello readers,
My May Birchbox showed up in the mail yesterday.  First pleasant surprise is that I got the designed box this month.  Hopefully this is a turn for the better for Canadian subscribers.  Let's take a look at was was inside the box.

Not Soap, Radio Awash In A Field Of Four-Leaf Clovers Body Wash | Full size $20

First off, this bottle leaked inside my box.  Second, it smells like dish soap.  Will I use it? Yes.  Would I consider purchasing it for myself? No.  Based on the full-size price this sample is worth $2.20.

Essential Elements Wake Up Rosemary Body Lotion | Full Size $23

Body lotion is something I will use up but this one has quite a strong scent.  Based on the full-size price this sample is worth $4.31.

W3LL PEOPLE The Expressionist Bio Extreme Mascara | Full size $27

I don't wear mascara so this sample isn't a good fit for me.  However, it will be good to swap and I could see other subscribers being happy with this sample.  There was no volume info on the sample tube, but it appears to be about half the size of a full size tube (based on ratio of tube:brush handle) so I'm estimating this sample is worth $13.50.

100% Pure Creamy Nail Polish | Full size $16

You all know I love nail polish... but a nude cream?  Nude seems like a bad choice because what nude looks good on someone very much depends on their skin tone.  Also, this just seems like a boring colour to make me love a brand.  I found it a little strange that the shade I got (Velouria) isn't one of the shades available in the Birchbox Canada shop.  This one will be up for swap.  This bottle is full size so it's worth $16.

Mirenesse Mattfinity Lip Rouge | Full size $29

Wait... this looks familiar.  That's because I got the exact same sample in the exact same shade in my March 2015 box.  Even more annoying I brought the fact that my preview contained a product I had already received to Birchbox's attention and was told it wouldn't be a duplicate because I would receive a different shade than two months ago.  I've messaged them on Facebook about this and hopefully they'll send me one in a shade I haven't tried yet.  Based on the full-size price, this lippy is worth $7.04.

Update: I received a response from Birchbox regarding the duplicate and received 50 points ($5) towards the Birchbox shop for the mistake.

Unfortunately I'm pretty disappointed this month.  Leaky products and duplicate samples kind of ruined the box for me.  Hopefully their customer service will take care of these problems for me.  The total value was $43.05.  If you want to find out more check out the Birchbox Canada website.  Don't forget to review your box items for an extra $5 in birchbox points.

Update: Due to my overall trouble with this month's box Birchbox added a free box to then end of my annual subscription.

Happy polishing,


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  1. Well if this is what's in my box, I'm definitely unsubscribing. I have been subscribed for a few months now with high hopes because the US one always looks pretty awesome, but with the exception of getting a Beauty Blender a couple months ago, I haven't been very impressed with much in these boxes :( Also, I got that lipgloss already so I really hope they don't send me a double!
    Olive & Ivy