September 07, 2014

Products I Finished This Month - August 2014

Hello readers,
Today I have all my empties from the month of July to talk about.  For some reason, in previous months I completely ignored shampoo and conditioner.  I have no idea why.  I will start including those from now on, though I promise I have been washing my hair all along. :P

gud Floral Cherrynova Body Lotion
At first I wasn't a huge fan of this lotion's scent, however it grew on me.  As for the lotion itself I really liked it.  It was very moisturizing and didn't feel greasy.  I got this as part of a Burt's Bees value pack so if I saw it in one again I would definitely consider buying it.

TRESemme Touchable Softness Shampoo
I'm not sure how I feel about TRESemme products.  I like them initially but I feel like the effects don't last.  As long as I switch up the brands that I use it still makes it into the regular rotation.  I will probably buy it again because it's such a good value.

Olay Botanical Fusion Hydrate Body Wash
I didn't really like this body wash.  I found it too creamy for my personal preference and I didn't care for the scent.  I don't think I will be buying this again.

Julep Mint Condition Pedi Creme
I really liked this cream.  It smelled really nice and helped keep calloused summer feet under control.  I do think it is overpriced (as are most of Julep's products) but if it went on sale I would definitely consider buying it.

Yves Rocher Tradition de Hammam Clay Mask
I really like this mask.  It made my skin feel very soft and helped absorb excess oil.  I would buy it again.

That's it for July's empties.

Happy Polishing,


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