September 19, 2014

Beauty Box 5 September 2014 Review

Hello readers,
It's time for another Beauty Box 5 review. This month's theme was 'balancing act' and we knew we would be receiving a Nicka K eyeshadow pencil but everything else was a surprise.

Sally Hansen Toe Spacers | Retail $1.99 1 pair
"When it comes to no-nonsense nails, our girl Sally never disappoints! Cushion your toes and separate them with these adorably printed toe spacers to keep your DIY pedicure looking professional and smudge-free."
Toe separators? Really?? Cheap foam things I already have a bajillion pairs of and never use. I'm supposed to be getting 'deluxe samples' in this box. Cheap foam toe separators are definitely not that. Not impressed.

Dr. Lin Acne Spot Corrector | Retail: $8.99 1 fl oz
"Fade old acne spots and banish breakouts before they start! Formulated with 5% benzoyl peroxide, this spot corrector goes to work right away on blemishes to clear your complexion.  BB5 Tip: Start off small! A little goes a long way, so apply a thin layer.
I do still get pimples from time to time so this is a product I can use. I'm never sure if these spot treatments actually do much but I'll definitely give it a try.

Natural Style by FUBU Deep Conditioner & Co-Wash | Retail $9.99 12 oz
"Equipped with 8 repairing oils and shea butter, this treatment strengthens hair to minimize frizz.  Made without sulfates or parabens, it's gentle enough to be used as a co-wah for our curly-haired girls and as a deep conditioner after shampooing for all hair types.
First off, you know how I feel about foil packets counting as 'deluxe samples'. Even worse, they specifically say "NOT FOR RESALE" right on them! Yet, they came in a box that I had to pay for. Not cool BB5, not cool. Will I use them? Yes. Do I think they are appropriate for this box? No.

Nicka K New Your Eyelight Crayon | Retails $4.49 0.056 oz
"This creamy shadow stick glides on easily and adds a pigmented pop of color that lasts! BB5 Tip: Use it as a fun liner, gently smudge the color with your finger or brush for a smokey effect, or blend out all the way to a full-lid base."
I was looking forward to trying this product but I got a gold coloured pencil which just doesn't go with my colouring. It will end up being given to someone who can use this colour.

My Beauty Spot Nail Polish | Retails $24.99 0.4fl oz/ Set of 6
"We love these pretty polishes for their incredible bold colors! The thick formula glides on smooth, plus, it dries quickly, which means we can change our manis as frequently as we change our mood.
Another red polish. BB5... why must you always send me red?? I really don't like red. Though what really bugs be about this product is that it seems pretty cheap. I can't find much info on the brand and it doesn't say anything about being 3/5 free.  Also, you can't buy them individually... only in sets?


I am quite disappointed with this month's box. The quality of the BB5 boxes seems to be going downhill. There were only two items this month that I think fall into the 'deluxe sample' category and one of which is in a colour that I can't use. The toe separators are just insulting. I realize colours are just luck of the draw (I'm really not sure how their beauty profile survey fits in to what you get) however the quality of the majority of this month's products was the real let down. I really hope they take the feedback from this month's box into consideration. If you want to find out more about BB5 or sign up for your own box check out the BB5 website.

Happy polishing,


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