September 29, 2014

Joe Fresh Kaleidoscope Swatches & Review

Hello readers,

Today I have an awesome Canadian polish to show you. I was at the grocery store with no intention of buying anything other than food when a new collection from Joe Fresh caught my eye. The Futuristic Effects collection has what appear to be some sublte holo's reminiscent of the China Glaze Hologlam collection, a couple of glitter toppers and the polish that I had to have, Kaleidoscope. Microflakes get me every time.

Joe Fresh Joe Fresh Joe Fresh

Kaleidoscope features a grey jelly base packed with color shifting metallic flakes. In direct light the polish takes on a super shiny flecked pewter look. In shade or indirect light the flakes transform into a rainbow that shifts from gold to purple. I also saw some hints of pink and green in there too. I was very surprised (in a good way) with the formula. I didn't expected it to be a full coverage polish but it went opaque in only two coats. The flakes all lay flat against the nail so no issues with grittiness of edges poking up through top coat. Photos show two coats of Kaleidoscope with one coat of CND Super Shiney top coat in natural lighting.

Joe Fresh Kaleidoscope Joe Fresh

Joe Fresh Joe Fresh

Joe Fresh Joe Fresh

Joe Fresh Joe Fresh

Joe Fresh Joe Fresh

I'm really impressed with this polish and love that a store brand is coming up with something innovative like this. Canadians can find at any store that carries Joe Fresh (which I believe is any of the stores in the Loblaws family). Everybody else, I suggest you get yourself a Canadian friend and nicely ask beg them to send you one.

Happy polishing,

- Michelle


  1. Omg that is gorgeous! I just legitimately desperately searched the web for an online retailer that ships to the US and couldn't find one :(

    1. If you are extra super desperate, send me an email (address in the contact tab). I can send you one... though the cost of the polish+shipping would be about $12.