August 01, 2014

Summer Of Untrieds Day 29: Rainbow Honey - Sapphire Weapon & Tidal Wave

Hello readers,
The last few days of the summer of untrieds is upon us.  Day 29 called for rainbow honey's so I chose two shades from my collection to do a glitter gradient with.

Sapphire Weapon is a deep blue jelly base packed with blue, green and gold shimmer.  The colour is very pretty but the formula was pretty awful.  It was very hard to apply evenly because it got goopy so quickly. If you accidentally went over the same spot twice it dragged horrendously leaving these uneven blotches in the polish.  I used two coats but there were still some sheer spots due to this.  The formula for Tidal Wave, an glitter and shimmer packed aqua, was better but I didn't use it over the entire nail.  After all that I also experienced some pretty bad shrinkage.  You can see the beginnings of this in the photos at my nail tips.  I used my usual old CND base and top coats which I haven't had any shrinkage issues with before and I've used them with dozens of other brands.  Photos show a Sapphire Weapon and Tidal Wave gradient with two coats of CND Super Shiney top coat in natural lighting.

The colours are really pretty but the bad formula and shrinkage kind of nullified that for me.  I do have a couple other Rainbow Honey's in my collection so hopefully this is an isolated issue.

Happy polishing,


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