May 30, 2014

Julep Blank Canvas Plumping Gloss Primer and Zinnia Lip Vernis Swatches & Review

Hello readers,
Today I have two makeup items I received in the Julep Speckled Mystery Box a couple months ago to show you.  First up in the Blank Cancas Plumping Lip Primer.

I don't usually opt for plumping products but since I already had this I figured I would give it a try.  It comes in a pen-like container and you click the button on the bottom to get the product to come out of the applicator.  I really didn't like this design because they was a big lag between when you click the pen and when the primer actually comes out.  As a result I always end up clicking too many times and have left over product.  Also, it took a lot of clicks to get any product on my initial use.  I was originally thinking I may have gotten a defective item until after what must have been like 30 clicks something finally happened.

The primer is a creamy nude pink.  It is rather light which means I can't wear it on its own since I have medium toned skin.  It is also quite thick and a little tricky to apply evenly.

Bare Lips

 Blank Canvas Plumping Gloss Primer applied to right side of lips
As you can see, the colour is quite patchy.  I tried really hard to even it out but just couldn't get it to do so.  I don't think this would look good worn on it's own even though the box claims you can do so.

Twenty minutes after application
 I don't really see any difference in terms of plumping.  I did feel a very slight tingle but it wasn't uncomfortable.

The gloss I used to test the primer part of this product is Julep's Lip Vernis in Zinnia.  It's a really pretty dark shimmery eggplant colour.  Don't let the dark colour scare you though, it is rather sheer when you apply it and doesn't appear nearly as dark on the lips as it does in the bottle.

Julep Zinnia gloss applied to lips
 I rather like the gloss. It adds a little colour and shimmer but is still subtle.  I don't like that I can see the patchyness of the primer though which means this primer doesn't play well with sheer glosses.

One hour after gloss application
 The primer seems to have evened out finally.

Two hours after gloss application
 No differences in gloss between sides with and without primer.

Four hours after gloss application
90% of the gloss has worn off.  There doesn't appear to be any difference in wear between th size with primer and without.  Most of the primer seems to have worn off too.

I really like this gloss but I really don't like the primer.  I don't really feel like it did anything except make my lips look pale and patchy.  I'd definitely consider buying some other colours of the Lip Vernis if they were on sale but I wouldn't recommend the Blank Canvas Plumping Gloss Primer to anyone.
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