October 24, 2013

Sugar Spun Nail Art Tutorial

Hello readers!  Today I decided to take my fan brush's virginity and use it in my first attempt at sugar spun nails.  The end look is delicate stripes crisscrossing your nails.  I love this idea because a) each nail isn't expected to be 100% identical so if you mess up, no big deal! and b) the actual technique is pretty simple so you can achieve a good look on both hands.  I used Laquerlicious Unity Supreme Queen as my base colour and Zoya Carly and China Glaze Gossip Over Gimlets for the striping. Here's what my nails looked like after my first try and here's how I did it!

What You'll Need:

  • A fan brush
  • A base colour polish
  • Two accent colour polishes - these are for the stripes.
  • Top coat

  • How To Do It!
     1.  Apply base colour and wait until it's dry to the touch.

    2.  Take your fan brush and lightly dip the brush tips into the first accent.

    3.  Lightly drag the fan brush tips across your nail.  If the stripes do not cover your entire nail re-dip your fan brush in the polish and drag starting from the opposite side.

    4.  Repeat steps 3 and 4 using your second accent polish.

    5.  Wait a few minutes for stripes to start drying and add a topcoat. (The time in between helps avoid smudging the stripes.)

    I think you could do cute crisscrossing stripes with this technique too and end up with a kind of woven look.  I'll have to give that a try at some point.  I hope you found this tutorial helpful and I'll be back with more polish later this week!


    1. The video is great. And it's super helpful! I want to try this on my nails. I've got Christmas colors dancing in my head, how pretty would that be?! A dark green base with red and gold stripes.