October 02, 2013

Nfu Oh 37 Swatches & Review

Hello readers!  Have you even said to yourself "Hey, I wish I could make my nails look like opals"?  If your answer is yes, you need to get your hand on a bottle of Nfu Oh 37.  If you answer is no, you should probably still get this polish because it is amazing.

Nfu Oh 37 has a sheer milky base with lots of white shimmer and tons of flakie glitter that shifts from pink to orange to green.  You can either wear it on it's own or over another polish.  I chose to wear it alone for a more delicate look.  The formula was amazing.  It was really easy to apply and dried completely smooth.

Photos show three coats of Nfu Oh 37 with one coat of Seche Vite.  The top four photos are in direct natural sunlight and the bottom two are in shade.  The flakie glitter in this polish was incredibly hard to photograph.  They catch the light in a way that just doesn't translate to a photo.  The top right and bottom left pictures come close though.  Now, I have some bad news.  This polish has been discontinued.  However, I also have some good news!  You can still get your hands on it.  Right now it is still in stock at Nail Polish Canada (Canada) and Fabulous Street (USA).  Just don't way too long or it might be gone for good.

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