September 16, 2013

Lucky 13 Lacquer Cynicial Cephalopod Swatches & Review

Disclaimer:  This product was offered at a reduced price or at no charge to in exchange for published reviews.  All reviews are fair, honest and reflect my personal opinion.    

Hello everyone!  I'm not normally one to buy a polish just for the name but sometimes I just fall in love.  I am addicted to saltwater fish keeping so Cynicial Cephalopod from Lucky 13 Lacquer instantly caught my attention.  A sea creature inspired polish?!  It had to be mine.  (Ok, so it's actually part of the sponge bob collection, but I'm just going to pretend it was inspired by a true sea creature :P).  It also helps that it features colours that I love.  This polish is a glitter topper that features small gold glitter along with matte aqua glitter in various shapes and sizes.

I thought this would go really well with the polish I was already wearing, Femme FaTEAL, so I tossed a coat on top.  This glitter topper applied really well.  No dabbing require.  It also dried very smoothly.  I just added a thin top coat to seal everything up.

Photos show one coat of Cynical Cephalopod over Lucky 13 Lacquer Femme FaTEAL with one coat of CND Super Shiney top coat in natural sunlight. I love this combo.  These two polishes were made for each other.  It really doesn't look like I'm wearing two different ones, just one super awesome glittery one.  If you want a bottle of your very own head over the Lucky 13 Lacquer shop.  You can never go wrong with more glitter.


  1. Aaaaaand then you made me fall in love with the Squidward polish. Seriously, it does look perfect with Femme FaTEAL.

    1. Hahaha, I'm pretty sure Kyoti is mostly responsible. I just put in on my fingertips :P. I love all the different shapes and sizes of the aqua glitters.