July 16, 2013

Lucky 13 Lacquer Softening The Bad Things - Polish For A Good Cause

Happy Tuesday everyone.  Hope all of your weeks are off to a good start.  Yesterday evening I was browsing facebook and this beautiful polish popped up on my newsfeed from Lucky 13 Lacquer.  A gorgeous pale blue jelly with medium and large gold hexes, and tiny bronze glitters.  These colours are inspired by Vincent Van Gogh's Sunflowers.

These polishes will go on sale around 2PM pacific time on July 29th.  This is a limited edition colour with 16 full size and 10 shortie size bottles available.  Each will come with it's own numbered label, i.e. "10 of 26", so each bottle will be unique.  Bottle #13 is staying with the creator but the rest will be sold.  Full bottles will cost $9.50 and shorties will be $7.

Why are these $1 more expensive than the rest of Lucky 13's polishes?  For each bottle, $1 will go to the National Alliance on Mental Illness.  That means once the bottles are sold $25 will go to NAMI.  Lucky 13 Lacquer is matching that, which makes it $50.  I have offered to match the $25 as well.  Anyone can sign on as a donation matcher.  If you're interested, just send Kyoti a message of facebook or send her an email via the Lucky 13 Lacquer shop.  Gotta love a gorgeous polish for a good cause!

Update: Because there has been so much positive feedback for this polish Kyoti told me she is likely going to make a second batch.  This means that you'll have another chance to get your hands on it and contribute to a great cause.

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  1. M glad you are doing another batch. Chances r I m. At work when it goes live. Wonderful organization to donate to as well. All families deal with these issues at one time or another! Thank you!