July 02, 2013

Dupes: Butter London Henley Regatta vs Icing Glitz & Glam

I don't purposefully look for polish dupes but sometimes I find them by accident.  I recently bought Butter London Henley Regatta and put it on the home for all my new polishes, my coffee table.  Sitting on the table was Icing Glitz & Glam which I had recently been given.  I noticed that the two were very similar and decided to do a proper comparision.

In the bottle the two look identical.  The ratio of teal and blue glitter appears to be the same and the glitter size is not noticeably different.  What about when I actually put it on my nails?

The pictures show three coats of each polish with one coat of CND Super Shiney top coat.  Henley Regatta is the tiniest bit darker than Glitz & Glam.  However, if I wasn't looking at them side by side I wouldn't be able to tell the difference.  The formulas were virtually identical as well.  Both took three coats to get opaque and both dried with a slightly gritty finish.  Considering the ~$10 price difference I think Icing Glitz & Glam is the clear winner here and can definitely be considered a dupe for Butter London Henley Regatta.  I love figuring out ways to save people money!

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