March 08, 2016

Products I Finished This Month - February 2016

Hello readers,
March is here... which means it's the longest possible time until more February.  I finished up lots of winter essentials over the past month.  Let's check them out.

Bath & Body

So... there's a lot of I love... bubble bath.  That's because on a cold winter day, I love taking bubble baths to warm up.  These all smell amazing and I stocked up on five sets of them when Christmas gift sets went on sale.  I also finished up my assuage foot scrub.  This scrub was quite nice and left my feet feeling very refreshed.  I'm still working through some other products from that brand though and since I can only buy it online, I'll have to think about making a larger order to justify shipping costs.


My usual Herbal Essesnces products are in here (I already have replacements) along with a new Tresemme 'reverse' conditioner.  That is, part of a two-step system where you condition first and shampoo second.  I got this as part of the Topbox GlamSense program to test out.  It was alright, but not my favorite.  I don't see myself purchasing it in the future.


Lots of face care items this month!  The most impressive new-to-me item was THEFACESHOP's Spot Clear Intensive Patch.  These suckers really helped reducing swelling on some nasty pimples when I put them on overnight, making them a lot easier to cover up in the morning.  I will definitely be buying more.  I also really like the Origins Clear Improvement charcoal mask.  I have a few minis of this from Sephora Black Friday value sets and once I'm done those I'll be restocking the full size.  I was looking forward to trying the clariSEA Sea Salt Charcoal Scrub from Birchbox.  Unfortunately I was pretty disappointed.  The scrub was quite difficult to use on its own as I couldn't get it to 'stick' to my face.  I ended up mixing it with cleanser as a work around, but I would rather a standalone product.  I had also heard great things about the Paula's Choice Skin Perfecting 2% BHA Liquid.  While I didn't notice any negatives, I didn't see any significant improvements over my current skincare routine so it's unlikely I'll repurchase. it.

Hand & Nails

Last up this month is handcare.  I finished up (yet another) bottle of Emerald & Ash cuticle oil.  I have a few left in my reserve before I need to reorder.  This stuff is my cuticle miracle worker.  I also finished up a tube of Josie Maran Argan Infinity Intensive Creamy Oil.  I used it as a hand cream.  I really liked the light citrus scent, but I didn't find it more effective than some of my other favorite hand creams.  I don't think I'd re-buy it alone a full price, but would definitely consider it if it were part of a value set.

Happy polishing,


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