November 11, 2015

Products I Finished This Month - October 2015

Hello readers,
November is here which means it's time to go through October's empties.  Let's take a look!

Hand & Nails

I finished up a bottle of top coat and lots of cuticle care this month.  At first I really liked the Nubar Diamont top coat but only halfway through the bottle it started to get really goopy.  I ended up having to add thinner every other time I used it which was a huge hassly.  It's for this reason I wouldn't purchase it again.  I also finished up some Emerald & Ash cuticle oil, a sample of Indigo Bananas cuticle balm and some Body Shop lip butter which I hated the taste of so ended up using it a cuticle balm instead.  I really liked the Indigo Bananas balm, but am not a huge fan of nail products in pots, so I'm going to see what packaging the full size comes in.  Emerald & Ash continues to be a favorite and I already have a huge backlog of scents to work through.


Two lonely bottles of Herbal Essences naked volume conditioner this month.  It's still my favorite.

Bath & Body

The standout this month was the bliss body butter.  It smelled amazing and didn't leave my skin feeling greasy.  Like my previous review, the Julep pomegranate and pink grapefruit body scrubs are terrible.  Just don't buy them.  I have exactly one more pink grapefruit scrub left and then I'll never have to deal with them again!


Lots of samples this month and I even finished some makeup! I really like the Cindy-Lou Manizer from the balm cosmetics but I have so many highlighters on the go that I will try to hold off purchasing it in full size.

Happy polishing,


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