March 13, 2015

Revlon Gel Envy Dealer's Choice Swatches, Wear Test & Review

Hello readers,
There are a lot of gel-like polishes on the store shelves these days that claim to wear longer without needing UV lighting to dry.  When I saw a value pack that included a top coat I decided it was time to give Revlon's Gel Envy polish a try.  The formula was easy to apply and I used two thin coats of Dealer's Choice on bare nails (no base coat) with one coat of the Colorstay Gel Envy top coat.  Check out the photos below to see how this polish system fared over a week of wear.

After one day of wear
Revlon Gel Envy Dealer's Choice Revlon Gel Envy Dealer's Choice

After two days of wear

After three days of wear

After four days of wear

After five days of wear

After six days of wear

After seven days of wear


So did it make it through the week without any chips or tip wear? No.  Did is fare better than a traditional polish?  Yes.  The major difference for me was that a small chip would stay small.  With normal polish a small chip on the nail corner tends to turn into a really big chip within a day.  With the Gel Envy polish I found that chips tended not to grow.  While I tend to get bored with a nail colour after three or four days of wear, I can definitely see using this when I'm traveling or on my toes.  Have you tried out these "gel" polishes?  Did they work for you?

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