March 11, 2015

Products I Finished This Month - February 2015

Hello readers,
With the beginning of March and the glimmer of hope for Spring weather, it's time for more empties.  
I actually finished some make up this month.  First up is a cream blush stick from Yves Rocher.  I've had this thing for years and they discontinued it long ago.  However, this product started my love of cream blushes and I is the shade I always compare back to.  I also finished a clear balm that come with CoverGirl outlast liquid lipsticks.  I've determined that I'm not a fan of that lip colour style so I won't be repurchasing.  The clear balm was quite nice though.  GlamGlow as usual is a win with me.  My skin loves that stuff.  I was disappointed in the Lise Watier serums.  The day one especially left my skin feeling sticky.

Hand & Nails
Ok, so what's a lip balm doing in here?  Well, lip products in pots tend to get kind of gross with lots of products left, so I ended up using about half the pot as cuticle butter.  It worked pretty decently but I wouldn't purchase again since that wasn't it's actual use.  L'occitane has great hand cream formulas but I find their stuff to strongly scented.

My favorite of the bunch is the Herbal Essences Body Envy conditioner.  The hairspray is a close second, though I try to buy the Herbal Essences Naked version when I can find it.

Bath & Body
As per usual, I love bath products.  The I Love... bubble baths smell delicious.  I still have two more sets as backups.  My citrus epsom salts always get used too.  The Butter Me Up solid lotion stick I got in a Sweet Delights sample box was quite nice.  I did find that the cocoa butter smell was the primary scent even though it was Cherry flavored.  I also really like the St.Ives Oatmeal & Shea Butter body lotion.  It smelled nice, absorbed quickly and didn't leave my skin feeling greasy.  I have a stockpile of lotion to go through but it's on my list of things to buy in the future.  The disappointment of this batch was the Julep Pink Grapefruit Body Scrub.  It was nice and gritty but left a sticky residue on my skin that just wouldn't rinse off.  I ended up having to use it before body wash.  I do have another one of these scrubs and I will use it up so as not to waste it, but I won't be repurchasing it in the future.

Happy polishing,


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