February 02, 2015

Arcane Lacquer Make A Move Swatches & Review

Hello readers,
Do you ever have a polish that you compulsively call by the wrong name every time?  I was convinced Arcane Lacquer's Make A Move was actually called Make A Mauve until I got it in person and looked at the label.  I guess my mind wanted to turn the name into a pun.

Make A Move is a medium mauve with a strong copper flecked shimmer.  It leans more purple in direct bright lighting and looks a little dustier in shade or reduced lighting.  The formula was great.  I used three coats to reach opacity but two would be enough it you kept an eye out for bald spots.  Photos show three coats of Make A Move with one coat of Nubar Diamont top coat in daylight spectrum lighting.

I love that the shimmer in this polish is just as strong on the nail as it is in the bottle.  You can find Arcane Lacquer on:

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