January 14, 2015

Products I Finished This Month - December 2014

Hello readers,
I completely forgot about my empties post for December until I noticed that my finished products pile as getting extra giant.  Oops! Let's see what I finished up last month.

The Body Shop Tea Tree toner is a regular guest in this category.  I did notice recently that it does contain alcohol so after I finish my current bottle I might switch back to Clinique.  I haven't decided 100% on that one yet.  I also tried Olay fresh effects wipes which I got as a sample from Nail Polish Canada.  I loved these.  They're great for getting a faceful of makeup off but didn't irritate my skin at all.  I've since purchased a full sized pack as part of an Olay Christmas gift set.  I also finished a mini tube of Glam Glow Thirsty Mud.  I love this mask.  It worked so well with my skin.  Hydrating and soothing without causing breakouts.  I bought it in full size (my poor wallet) after trying it out.  I also finished a sample of Olay Regenerist face cream.  It wasn't bad but wasn't a stand out for me so I won't likely be purchasing it.  Lastly I finished a tube of Marcelle Xtension Plus mascara.  While I did like the formula and brush I did find by the end of the day my eyes would be a bit irritated when I wore it so I won't be purchasing this one again.

Only a couple of hair products this month and both of them conditioners.  Herbal Essences Naked has become my favorite line of everyday hair products and I will definitely be purchasing more.  Pantene is always a good choice too and I buy them when they're on sale.  Both get thumbs up from me.

Bath & Body
Lots of bath and body products this month.  First I finished yet another bag of Bath Retreat energizing epsom salts.  It's cold and miserable outside which make baths even more enjoyable.  I will buy these again and again.  I also finished two bar soaps, Rugged Goat Soap from Soaps By Sarahand Goat's Milk Soap in Fresh from Lather Life...Naturally.  Both of these came from my last Sweet Delights Sample Box.  Both were nice and did lather well.  I'm not a huge fan of bar soap in general though so I won't be repurchasing.  They're definitely worth considering if bar soap is your thing though.  Also from Soaps By Sara was a Lime and Cilantro Handmade Lotion Stick.  I really liked this.  The scent was very nice but not overpowering.  I ended up using it on my heels and feet.  I find the thick formula really worked well for the thicker skin on the bottoms of my feet while still being moisturizing.  I'm definitely going to investigate the cost and availability of this product further.  While we're mentioning feet I 'finished' my julep foot file. By finished I mean the gritty part was starting to peel off the handle.  I was really happy with this file.  It worked great and lasted many months despite being soaked with water over and over.  I already purchased the same one as a replacement.  The Tree Hut Nourishing Hand Cream I got in my very fist BB5 box got used up as well.  I found the formula too thin for my liking so I won't be repurchasing it.  It did smell quite nice though.  Last up is a sample of Watermelon Body Polish from The Pampered Pear.  While I loved the smell of the scrub and found it effective I probably wouldn't repurchase due to the grit being 100% sugar.  I find with sugar based scrubs the grit dissolves really quickly and I just end up using more product to get my desired result.  If you like sugar scrubs then definitely check it out.

Happy Polishing,


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