January 23, 2015

Beauty Box 5 January 2015 Review

Hello readers,
This marks my second last BB5 unboxing post.  Why? Because I canceled my subscription and January's box confirms that I made the right decision.  This month's theme was "hello!".  Let's see what kind of products I got.

Garnier Fructis Daily Care Fortifying Shampoo | Retail $3.99 13oz
"Make 2015 the year of healthy hair! Strengthen your tresses with grapefruit antioxidants and proteins that'll leave your locks fortified, oh-so-soft, and super shiny. Did we mention that the invigorating scent will have you hooked in no time?"
 Oh yay! A sample I could easily get at the dollar store or better yet, as part of a free sample pack.  Garnier isn't one of my favorite hair care brands either.  I find their products leave a lot of residue in my hair.  Will I use it? Yes.  Is it a beauty sample I'm excited about? No.

Sally Hansen Salon Effects | Retail $9.99 16 Nail Polish Strips
"A perfect mani for up to 10 days? Bring it on! Peel and apply strips to your mails, smooth over and then shape for easy nail art.  Bonus: when you're done, they come off with regular polish remover!"
 I don't really use nail polish strips and this colour combo isn't my taste at all.  I checked the Sally Hansen Canada and Sally Hansen US sites and neither show this pattern as an option.  So, even if I did loves these I wouldn't be able to purchase them again.

Ultraflesh The Gold Standard Mascara In Blackout | Retail $21.00 0.27oz
"Dramatic, thicker lashes are as good as gold with this amped-up mascara! The expert wand gets every lash coated for major results.  Feeling bold? Layer two or three coats for the most va-va-voom.
 This is a brand I've never heard of before.  Want to know why?  Ultraflesh went out of business in 2011.  Assuming that this tube was made around that time, that means it's still over 3 years old.  Gross!! There's no way it's going near my eyes.  Don't worry though, BB5 made that easy for my by sending a completely dried out unusable tube.  How they came up with a retail prices of $21 when you can't buy it at regular retailers anymore I'll never know.

Softsoap Nutri Serums Vitamin C Body Wash | Retail $8.00 15fl oz
"Treat your body to rich moisture and a super fresh scent while showering! The softening serum pearls burst with Vitamin E to hydrate and Omega 3 and 6 to help your skin retain moisture all day long to banish winter dryness."
 Another dollar store sample.  I'll use it but I'm not excited about it. Moving on.

Coastal Scents Eye Shadow | Retail: $1.95-$24.95
"We're crushing hard on these super-pigmented shadows! Whether you pair all four shades together for an all-over eye look or pick a few favorites to accent with, they'll make your eyes stand out gorgeously."
This is the only decent sample in the box.  Mine came slightly broken but are still very usable.  The colours are a good mix of neutral and slightly bolder.

Despite that last minute decent eye shadow sample, overall this box is a loser in my eyes.  Years old dried up mascara just isn't ok.  Two boring dollar store samples and discontinued nail strip patterns round things out.  I'm glad I canceled my subscription.  Let's see what my last box next month brings.  If after reading this post you still want to learn more about BB5 you can find out more at https://beautybox5.com/.
Happy polishing,


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  1. I didn't even bother referencing the BB5 website in my review of this dismal box. As for the dried out mascara it's still available at All Cosmetics Wholesale for $2.99. That's where Lip Monthly got the products for their first few boxes and it's all expired & discontinued products.