October 04, 2014

Products I Finished This Month - September 2014

Hello readers,

Another month gone by means another pile of empties.  Lots of stuff to go through this month so let's get started.


This month I finished my clinique makeup remover, glowing mama walnut scrub, the body shop tea tree skin clearing toner and clinique repairwear laser focus.  I like the clinique makeup remover but I feel like I can get something equivalent for less from a drugstore brand.  If I get more of it as a GWP I will definitely use it though.  I also really liked the tea tree toner.  It's a great way to quickly clean your face at the end of the day.  It left my skin matte but not dry.  I've already bought a replacement bottle.  I received the repairwear laser focus serum as a GWP.  I probably won't buy it again because wrinkles aren't a big concern for me but maybe sometime in the future.  My favorite face product this month was the glowing mama walnut scrub by annanaturals.  I got this from Beauty Box 5 and would definitely purchase the full size except I can't find somewhere in Canada that sells it and shipping from the states is quite expensive.


I finished two bottles of cuticle oil this month.  First up is Emerald&Ash's citrus basil which I got as a press sample.  I absolutely loved this oil.  It smelled very fresh and crisp.  I also love the rollerball packaging which ensures I can't spill the entire jar and I can get to the oil at the very bottom of the bottle.  I also received my Northern Star Polish cuticle oil in tangerine honeysuckle as a press sample.  I also loved the scent on this one and it was very moisturizing.  If I had to pick just one I would probably go with the E&A because of the rollerbar applicator.

Bath & Body

I finished a variety of bath and body products this month.  First of is a sample of waxalene that I got in a Sweet Delights Divalicious sample box.  It's advertized as an alternative to petroleum jelly with many applications.  I used it as a moisturizer for very dry skin.  It claims to be non-greasy but I would disagree.  I found this was a put on before bed and let it soak in overnight kind of product.  I don't think I will buy it again because of that.  I also finished a bag of Bath Retreat Energizing Epsom Salts in Citrus Delight.  I loved these.  I would add a cup or so to a bath and soak away.  The scent was very crips and not overly sweet.  I will definitely buy these again.  Lastly is St.Ives Oatmeal & Shea Butter body wash.  This was a surprise favorite.  I received it as part of a gift set and intended to use it up and then switch back to my usual.  However, I absolutely loved this body wash.  It's creamy and moisturizing without being greasy.  It lathers really well and has a soft scent.  I will be buying this one again too.


Finally we have hair products.  First up is the Novex hair mask I received from Beauty Box 5.  I tried it but didn't feel it did anything more than my normal conditioner so I won't be purchasing it again.  I also finished a jumbo bottle of Herbal Essences Body Envy conditioner.  Herbal Essences is one of my go to brands and I will buy this one again.  I really like the scent and it moisturized my hair without making it heavy or greasy.  Last is the Pantene Ultimate 10 BB Conditioner I received from BzzAgent.  I really like this conditioner.  It did a good job of helping smooth my semi-frizzy semi-curly hair.  Pantene can be a little pricey but I will definitely buy it again when it's on sale.

Happy polishing,

- Michelle

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