October 02, 2014

Julep Jewel Heist Mystery Box Unboxing & Review

Hello readers,

I finally got my Julep Jewel Heist mystery box in the mail yesterday and I wanted to share what I got with you.  The last few mystery boxes I got had been disappointments but this time I had a $10 off coupon code and figured $14.99 was an amount I was willing to risk.

The first item I got was the Neutrals Sweep Eyeshadow palette.  The shadows themselves actually look quite nice but the packaging on this set is a little flimsy.  The cover on mine was rather scuffed up even though it came in a box.  This is something that I can use though so I'm happy to have received it.

The second item in the box is a polish in Tatiana.  This polish is a very shimmery flecked copper colour.  Coppers aren't my favorite polish colour but it is still a very pretty polish that will make a great gift.

The third item is the Blank Canvas Mattifying Eye Primer.  I've heard really good things about this product so I'm looking forward to giving it a try.  If I wear eyeshadow alone it creases pretty much instantly so a primer is something I'll get a lot of use out of.

The fourth item was a set of two hair twistbands.  I hate these things.  They are literally just a loop of elastic knotted at the ends.  Definitely just filler in the box.

The fifth item was a Surprise Color Rush Lip Gloss in Berry.  I've already swatched this and the colour is very pretty and definitely one that I will wear.  The only downside is the gloss is quite sticky but I'll deal with it.

The last item in my box was an eyeshadow brush.  I should note that it did come in cellophane packaging.  I really like that the brush handle is metal and has some good weight to it however I tried it on some pressed shadows and it doesn't seem to pick up a ton of colour unfortunately.

I also ordered the $9.99 mystery add-on.  It ended up being three polishes - Catrina, Shoshanna and Annemarie.  I'm not very happy with these.  Yellow is a colour that few people like and can pull off.  Very yellowey gold glitter doesn't suit me, but at least I can gift it.  Browny-taupe is a colour that is just so boring.

Overall I'm pretty happy with the mystery box itself but am pretty disppointed in the add-on.  You think with a 'jewel heist' theme they would have included some jewel toned polishes.  If you want to find out more about julep or are interested in becoming a julep maven check out their website.

Happy polishing,

- Michelle

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