March 28, 2014

The Lacquer Legion March Challenge: Lucky

Hello readers,
It's time again for another Lacquer Legion challenge mani.  I will admit, when I saw this month's them I wasn't thrilled.  Lucky instantly translated to thoughts of four leaf clovers and St.Patrick's Day green.  I wasn't feeling two inspired by either of those.  Then, a couple days ago I went a completely different route.  What's lucky to me?  I landed on my lucky number, the number 13.  My choice of number is mathematically based on the following assumptions:
  • There is a fixed amount of luck per number, and the amount of luck is equal for all numbers.
  • The amount of luck per number is equally divided between all those who choose that number as their lucky number.
  • Since 13 is an 'unlucky' number less people choose it as their lucky number.
  • Thus the amount of luck per person for those who choose 13 will be higher since there are less people for the luck to be divided between.
So, I took my lucky number and chose some polish based on it.  Of course they had to be shades from Lucky 13 Lacquer!  I used two simple customs: You're Such A Nimbus with Silver Lining as a topper.  I then did a black french tip with the roman numerals for 13, XIII.  Not too bad for a last minute idea. :P

By the way, You're Such A Nimbus is just Mist and Shadow, Cloud and Shade with tiny midnight blue hexes added.  Hopefully I'll be able to come up with ideas for next month's challenge a little more easily.

Happy polishing,

- Michelle

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