March 15, 2014

Beauty Box 5 March 2014 Review

Hello readers!
Today I have my first ever Beauty Box 5 box to share with you.  I signed up for this subscription earlier this year when they were running a $20 off the yearly rate promotion.  I couldn't pass up a $6.58 ($7.40CAD) a month box including shipping to Canada.  (Seriously, having shipping to Canada included in the price is amazing).  Here's what I got this month.

Tree Hut Moisturizing Hand Cream | Retail: $8.00 5oz
"Do your hardworking hands need a little TLC? Made with organic shea butter, argan oil, and chamomile extract, this paraben free lotion is packed with anti-oxidants to revitalize dull, dry skin."

My first impression is that this lotion smells amazing. I love the variety of natural ingredients and I can always use more lotion since winter insists on sucking all the moisture from my skin.

Swissco Dual-sided Facial Pad | Retail $2.00
"Achieving softer skin and smaller pores is as easy as exfoliating a few times a week! Just add your favorite cleanser to the pad, gently buff that pretty face, and kiss lackluster skin goodbye!"

Love this.  I can always use another scrubby.

Design Essentials Natural Curl Enhancing Mousse | Retail: $15.99 7.5oz
"Save time on styling and sleep in! Great for loose waves or tight ringlets, this quick-drying, olive oil infused curl enhancer delivers moisture, hold, definition, and sheen without the crunch. Plus, it smells seriously amazing.

I'm curious to see if this lives up to its no crunch promise.  I have curly hair so I'm definitely going to give this a try.  The only bad thing is this leaked a little in transit and left sticky spots on some of the other products.  I've heard BB5 customer service is really good though so I emailed them to see if anything can be done.

Bellapierre Cosmetics Makeup Base | Retail: $18.99 0.29oz
 "Every girl deserves an all-in-one that hides imperfections and makes her makeup even better.  This pretty ivory base is great when you're low on time (or room in your purse), and serves as a concealer, illuminator, and eyeshadow primer.
I haven't had luck with eyeshadow primers of this creamy style before but based on some quick googling it gets good reviews as a concealer.  I'll have to compare to my current products to see if it's a good shade for my skin tone.  I have a feeling it might be too light for me but if that's the case I'm sure I can swap it.

Jane's Pick All Natural Soaps | Retail: $8.00 5oz
"Get clean without the chemicals! Made from an all-natural blend infused with herbs and flowers these pretty soaps are handmade, so each bar has a unique pattern and relaxing scent.  BB5 tip: lather up and use this instead of shaving cream!"
This soap also smells amazing.  I usually use body wash/shower gel but I'll definitely give this a try.

The whole box!

The items add up to a total retail value of $50.27.  Not too bad for paid $6.48.  I know there are products in here I will definitely use so I'm very happy with what I got.  If you want to sign up for BB5 you can do it here.  Based on my first impression this sub is a great deal.

Happy polishing,

- Michelle

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