December 11, 2013

Pipe Dream Polish Swatch Spam Part I

Disclaimer:  This product was offered at a reduced price or at no charge to in exchange for published reviews.  All reviews are fair, honest and reflect my personal opinion.

Hello readers! Today we had our first real snowfall. I am celebrating it by avoiding the outdoors and slippery roads as much as possible and writing up a blog post instead. I have three polishes from Pipe Dream Polish to show you. I did go a little crazy with the camera so get ready to look at lots of pictures.


You could probably guess the colour of Bruises without even seeing it.  It perfectly represents that dark blue-purple colour that a bruise first turns.  In indoor and overcast lighting it looks more like a metallic steel blue that shifts to purple when viewed from an angle.  The formula dried very quickly which means that it's much better to just wait to add another coat than to try and touch up the current one or you'll end up with smudges.  The coverage was very good and it only took two coats to become opaque.  Photos show two coats of Bruises with one coat of CND Super Shiney top coat in overcast natural lighting. The last two photos really show that purple shift that comes out at an angle.

Fall Again

Fall Again is a glitter topper packed with copper, bronze and brown glitter as well as gold flakes in a clear base.  There is a ton of glitter in this polish which means the formula was quite thick.  However, it was still easy to work with and the glitter payoff was fantastic.  I used it to create a glitter gradient over Bruises.  To give you an idea of coverage, I brushed one coat of Fall Again over the top two thirds of my nail and then dabbed a second coat on the very tips.  It dried a little uneven (I mean, look how much glitter there is) but I wouldn't go so far as to say it dried roughly.  One coat of a thicker top coat is enough to even everything out.  Photos show Fall Again over Bruises with one coat of Seche Vite in overcast natural lighting.

But wait! There's more! All of a sudden the sun actually peeked out from behind the clouds and these green flecks appeared in bruises that hadn't been visible before.  I liked Bruises before but now I love it.  Photos below show the same mani in brighter sunlight.

Tomorrow's A Mystery

It's teal.  It's glittery.  What's not to love?  Tomorrow's A Mystery features a teal jelly base packed (and I mean packed!) with lime green holo, turquoise, and green circle glitters along with several shades of blue and green smaller glitters.  I love the circle glitters in this.  Because of all the glitter the formula was somewhat thick but it wasn't too hard to work with.  Also, because of how dense the glitter is it only took two coats to become opaque.  Like with Fall Again the glitter did dry a little unevenly but it wasn't rough to the touch.  The jelly base also dried with a satin finish so if you want a high gloss finish just add a shiny top coat.  Photos show two coats of Tomorrow's A Mystery with one coat of Seche Vite in natural lighting.


If I had to choose a favorite I think it would be bruises.  Those green flecks that come out in the sun are super pretty.  It's a tough choice though because the three polishes are so different.  The only bad thing about such great polishes is my wishlist from this indie maker just doesn't stop growing.  If you'd like some Pipe Dream Polishes of your very own check out the Pipe Dream Polish Etsy Shop and facebook page.  I have three more polishes to swatch and then I'll be back later this week with Pipe Dream Polish Part II!  Until then, happy polishing. :)

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