December 08, 2014

Products I Finished This Month - November 2014

Hello readers,
It's time to take a look at November's empties!


I went through several deluxe samples this month.  First are the LA Fresh travel lite Oil-Free Makeup Remover Wipes that I got in a BB5 box.  These wipes were.... just ok.  They did the job for light makeup but had trouble with waterproof items.  I also found the seal wasn't the greatest so the last few wipes in the pack were somewhat dried out.  I won't be purchasing this item again.  I also finished two clinique samples, repairwear laswer focus serum and turnaround overnight radiance moisturizer.  Though I liked both of the products I don't think they did anything above what my normal moisturizer accomplishes so I don't think I will be purchasing them in full size in the near future.

Bath & Body

Yet another bag of  Bath Retreat energizing epsom salts.  It's winter and it's cold outside which means I'm more tempted to take baths and soak in these yummy salts.  I've already purchased more of them.  The Raw Love Body Beach Vacation scrub that I got in a Sweet Delights sample box was really nice.  It smelled delicious and was very gritty (which I like).  The only thing I didn't like about this product was the packaging.  Because this is a sugar based scrub you don't want to get any water/moisture in the package but this is difficult to do when you're trying to get some out to use in the shower.  I ended up transferring it to an empty tub which made it much easier to use.  I haven't decided yet whether to repurchase this one... I'll have to look into how much it costs.  Finally I finished upBurt's Bees' naturally nourishing Milk & Honey body lotion.  I wasn't a huge fan of this one.  The scent was ok but I found it took a long time for the lotion to fully absorb.  I do have one more of these to work through but I probably won't purchase any more after that.

The usual suspects are all here.  I was pleasantly surprised by the dove nourishing oil care formula.  I though it might leave some build up in my hair or make it feel greasy but that wasn't the case at all.  I liked all of these and would purchase them all again.
Happy polishing,


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