February 09, 2014

February 2014 Julep Maven Review - It Girl

Hello readers!  Today I have my February Julep box to share with you.  I've been a maven for a little under a year now.  For the most part, I've skipped the monthly boxes because I have a hard time spending $20 on three small polishes.  This month however, I was really drawn to the textured polishes and the bonus polish made it more cost efficient.

This month collection was The Dramatic Collection.  The usual assortment of polishes plus some newly introduced eye sheens and a gel liner.  I really liked the colours of the eye sheens but I haven't had good luck with creamy shadows in the past.  No matter what primer I use they end up creasing almost instantly.  For this reason I went with the It Girl box.

 My box features three polishes plus the bonus polish free to all mavens who got a box this month.  I also added on the textured polish Cameron because I love a good shimmery texture.

  • Roc Solid (a vintage military creme)
  • Glam Roc (midnight purple and gold stardust matte glitter)
  • Diamond Therapy (full-coverage multidimensional copper glitter)
My favorite out of these three is Glam Roc.  Diamond Therapy is quite pretty but is very similar to Julep Jane, which I already own.  Jane is a bit more coppery and Diamond Therapy is a bit more brassy but I don't really think you need both.  I'll probably end up swapping/selling Roc Solid.  Greens just aren't really my colour.

  • Love (gold, pearl and fuchsia microglitter)
  •  Cameron (silver lilac stardust matte glitter)
Love ended up being more gold in person than I expected.  In the original pictures it looked more pearly.  While I love it in the bottle I think the gold might clash with my skin tone.  I'll have to swatch it and make a final decision.  Cameron, my add on, is my favorite of the whole box.  It's so shimmery with the occasional pop of glitter.  I've actually already tried this one and really loved the formula too. (Look for the review in the next post).

Overall I'm pretty happy with this box.  I've got 4/5 polishes that I like and I'm sure I'll be able to find a good home for the army green one.  The bonus polish is what really made this worth it for me though.  If you'd like to become a Julep maven you can sign up here.  Use the code 'FREEBOX' to get your intro box for free.  I'm off to take swatch pictures of Cameron to show you in the next post.  Until then,

Happy polishing!

- Michelle

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