February 22, 2021

Winter 2021 Blog Sale

Hello readers,
It's time for a blog sale! Please read the details below for info on how to purchase and hope you find something you like. Happy polishing!

The Details

A lot of the polishes have a buy x/$X price. Feel free to mix and match between brands in the same price group. All polish and shipping prices are in USD. To place an order please email manicuremanifesto@gmail.com with a list of the polishes you'd like along with your full mailing address for a shipping quote. Purchases will be processed in the order in which emails are received. I am in Canada and will be shipping via Canada Post at cost. See below for shipping options.

Shipping within Canada:
  • 1 polish - Canada Post oversized letter mail $2.50USD (no tracking)
  • 2 + polishes - Canada Post regular parcel which comes with tracking. Regular parcel starts around $10.50-$16USD depending on where you are relative to me (Ontario). Email me for an exact quote.
 Shipping to the US:
  • Canada Post Small packet international - up to 1kg/2.2lbs - starts around $9.50USD and increases based on weight. (no tracking)
  • Canada Post tracked packet international - up to 1kg/2.2lbs - starts around $14USD and increases based on weight. (tracking)
  • Please send an email with your location and the polishes you'd like to purchase for an exact quote.

For Sale

Darling Diva Polish, Icing, Pretty & Polished, Born Pretty Store $1 or 6/$5
Darling Diva Polish Naughty List
Darling Diva Polish Triple Dog Dare
Darling Diva Polish Tramp Stamp
Icing Glitz & Glam
Pretty & Polished Dreams Of Mermaids
Born Pretty Store Water-Based Top Coat

Emerald & Ash, Liquid Lacquer, Elevation Polish $1 or 5/$6
Emerald & Ash Mie Scattering
Emerald & Ash Temper Tantrum
Emerald & Ash NO!
Emerald & Ash Hold On
Liquid Lacquer Fire Starter - Sold
Elevation Polish SBP: Moving On A Scene Surreal (thermal stuck in warm state) - Sold

CND, OPI, Sephora X, Joe Fresh, Glitter Gal, Emily de Molly Stamping Polish $1 or 6/$5
CND Vinylux Nordic Lights
Sephora X Wonderment
Joe Fresh Kaleidoscope
Glitter Gal White Pointer
Emily de Molly Metallic Brown Stamping Polish

What's Up Nails, Born Pretty Store Powders $1 or 6/$5
What's Up Nails Water Decals
What's Up Nails Vinyl Stencils
Born Pretty Store Mirror Powder #6 (purple)
Born Pretty Store Mirror Powder #8 (blue)

Pueen Double Sided Stamping Plates $2 or 3/$5
Pueen SE02 A/B
Pueen SE03 A/B

Blue-Eyed Girl Lacquer 10ml mini, Rainbow Honey, Darling Diva, Canvas Lacquer $2 or 3/$5
Blue-Eyed Girl Lacquer Lilac Blondes On The Beach 10 ml
Blue-Eyed Girl Lacquer Hydrangea 10ml
Rainbow Honey Heisenberg
Darling Diva Polish Zen Pool - Sold
Darling Diva Polish For The Honor Of Grayskull
CANVAS Lacquer Blinky The Fish - Sold

Lucky 13 Lacquer $2 or 3/$5
Lucky 13 Lacquer Pretty Like Poison 
Lucky 13 Lacquer Death Reborn
Lucky 13 Lacquer Wild & Untamed
Lucky 13 Lacquer Marine Snow
Lucky 13 Lacquer Geek & Lacquer

Reverie Nail Lacquer, Different Dimension $2 or 3/$5
Different Dimension Lapis Lazuli
Different Dimension Tinselitis
Reverie Nail Lacquer Harvest Moon
Reverie Nail Lacquer MP-024
Reverie Nail Lacquer Polar Night
Reverie Nail Lacquer Cloud Burst
Reverie Nail Lacquer  Berry Sorbet
Reverie Nail Lacquer Glitterbombs Bursting In Air

FUN Lacquer, ILNP, Paint It Pretty Polish $4 or 4/$14
FUN Lacquer Paparazzi 
ILNP Admire Me - Sold
ILNP Blue Steel
Paint It Pretty Polish Bling Up Your Life At IEC
Paint It Pretty Polish Force Field (magnetic)
Paint It Pretty Polish Opposites Attract (magnetic) - Sold

WingDust Collections, Eat Sleep Polish $4 or 4/$14
WingDust Leading Lady
WingDust Pretty Little Rebel
WingDust Sleepless Summer Nights
WingDust Magic Man
Eat Sleep Polish Sucker Punch
Eat Sleep Polish Happi The Hippo

Celestial, Arcane Lacquer, Dance Legend, Alter Ego, Zoya $4 or 4/$14
Celestial Dragon Wings - Sold
Arcane Lacquer Paucity
Dance Legend NY NY
Dance Legend Melange 266
Alter Ego Golden Brilliance
Zoya Song

Model City Polish, Treo Lacquer $4 or 4/$14
Model City Polish Pennyroyal
Treo Lacquer Emerald Eyes
Treo Lacquer Resist (magnetic thermal)
Treo Lacquer Chalcopyrite
Treo Lacquer Diablo (magnetic)

Treo Lacquer $4 or 4/$14
Treo Lacquer Princess Schala - Sold
Treo Lacquer Cortex Conspiracy - Sold
Treo Lacquer Beyond The Infinite - Sold
Treo Lacquer Dawn
Treo Lacquer Roadside Rex - Sold
Treo Lacquer Growth
Treo Lacquer Innocence

Contrary Polish, Blue-Eyed Girl Lacquer $4 or 4/$14
Contrary Polish Flirt
Contrary Polish Aruba
Blue-Eyed Girl Lacquer Prototype NBuSf1
Blue-Eyed Girl Lacquer Prototype BBUHG4 - Sold
Blue-Eyed Girl Lacquer Prototype BUCC1

OPI Grease Collection Mini Set $4 or 4/$14

Paint It Pretty Polish $6 or 4/$22
Paint It Pretty Polish Next Season Please!
Paint It Pretty Polish Milky Way
Paint It Pretty Polish Enchanted Rose - Sold
Paint It Pretty Polish Hit The Slopes - Sold
Paint It Pretty Polish Midnight Galaxy

Emily de Molly $6 or 4/$22
Emily de Molly Turbulence
Emily de Molly Blue Prediction - Sold
Emily de Molly LE1
Emily de Molly Distinct Lines (magnetic)
Emily de Molly Fade Away (magnetic)
Emily de Molly True Superstar

Emily de Molly $6 or 4/$22
Emily de Molly Pushing My Luck - Sold
Emily de Molly Best Before
Emily de Molly The Time Is Now - Sold
Emily de Molly LE 262
Emily de Molly Letting You Know - Sold
Emily de Molly Back And Forth - Sold
Emily de Molly LE 260 - Sold
Emily de Molly Cause Maybe - Sold

Emily de Molly $6 or 4/$22
Emily de Molly Sample 805
Emily de Molly Sample 1252
Emily de Molly Steadfast - SOLD
Emily de Molly Ugly Mood - SOLD
Emily de Molly Shakedown
Emily de Molly Win Me Over - Sold

Emily de Molly, Cadillacquer, Moo Moo's Signatures $6 or 4/$22
Emily de Molly Ever Sort After
Emily de Molly Sample 450 - Sold
Emily de Molly Right Of Passage
Emily de Molly LE31
Cadillacquer Corallium
Moo Moo's Signatures It's A Dreamcatcher
Moo Moo's Signatures Behind Palace Walls

Picture Polish, Great Lakes Lacquer $8 or 4/$30
Picture Polish Hope - Sold
Picture Polish Lagoon
Picture Polish Ocean - Sold
Picture Polish Honey Moon
Great Lakes Lacquer Toronto #16 - SOLD
Great Lakes Lacquer Afternoon Storms 2.0 - SOLD

Femme Fatale Cosmetics $8 or 4/$30
Femme Fatale Cosmetics Aldebaran
Femme Fatale Cosmetics Relics Of The Red Planet
Femme Fatale Cosmetics Red Sundown
Femme Fatale Cosmetics Reticence
Femme Fatale Cosmetics Rich In Beauty
Femme Fatale Cosmetics Tiger Lily

Femme Fatale Cosmetics $8 or 4/$30
Femme Fatale Cosmetics The Necromancer
Femme Fatale Cosmetics Vaporous Flowers
Femme Fatale Cosmetics Falling Into Blue Death
Femme Fatale Cosmetics Solar Storm

Femme Fatale Cosmetics, Bees Knees Lacquer $8 or 4/$30
Femme Fatale Cosmetics The Forgotten Coast
Femme Fatale Cosmetics Deepwild Shallows
Femme Fatale Cosmetics Ouija
Femme Fatale Cosmetics The Third Moon - Sold
Bee's Knees Lacquer House On Haunted Chill - Sold
Bee's Knees Lacquer Undertow - Sold

Colors By Llarowe, Blush Lacquers, Polished For Days, Girly Bits Cosmetics $8 or 4/$30
Colors By Llarowe Unknown Galaxy
Blush Lacquers Tidal Reflections - Sold
Polished For Days Long Live The King - SOLD
Girly Bits Cosmetics Steely Resolution - Sold
Girly Bits Cosmetics Don't Play Games Oops! - Sold
Girly Bits Cosmetics Small Batch Prototype 1300

Girly Bits Cosmetics $8 or 4/$30
Girly Bits Cosmetics Food Fight - Sold
Girly Bits Cosmetics Sky Theatre
Girly Bits Cosmetics Small Batch Prototype 1391
Girly Bits Cosmetics Through The Looking Glass
Girly Bits Cosmetics One Of A Kind Blue Holo
Girly Bits Cosmetics They're After Me Lucky Charms - Sold

Girly Bits Cosmetics $8 or 4/$30
Girly Bits Cosmetics Sample 1895
Girly Bits Cosmetics Blind Mind's Eye - Sold
Girly Bits Cosmetics Sunset Express - Sold
Girly Bits Cosmetics You Look Marble'ous - Sold
Girly Bits Cosmetics Sleigh It Loud, & Sleigh It Proud
Girly Bits Cosmetics Arctic Sunrise - Sold

Girly Bits Cosmetics $8 or 4/$30
Girly Bits Cosmetics Into The Circle
Girly Bits Cosmetics Squawk This Way - Sold
Girly Bits Cosmetics Chateauesque - Sold

Girly Bits Cosmetics $8 or 4/$30
Girly Bits Cosmetics CU Blue
Girly Bits Cosmetics Tattle-Teal - Sold
Girly Bits Cosmetics Mint-al Precision - Sold
Girly Bits Cosmetics Sample 1910
Girly Bits Cosmetics Squirrel Sample #1

Girly Bits Cosmetics $8 or 4/$30
Girly Bits Cosmetics Love Ya Beach! - Sold
Girly Bits Cosmetics Sage Against The Machine
Girly Bits Cosmetics Slay Belle - Sold
Girly Bits Cosmetics Small Batch Prototype 1495
Girly Bits Cosmetics Peel Here
Girly Bits Cosmetics Snafu

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