February 24, 2020

Winter 2020 Blog Sale

Hello readers,
It's time for a blog sale! Please read the details below regarding how to contact me to buy some polish and shipping costs. Happy polishing!

The Details

A lot of the polishes have a buy x/$X price. Feel free to mix and match between brands in the same price group. All polish and shipping prices are in USD. To place an order please email manicuremanifesto@gmail.com with a list of the polishes you'd like along with your full mailing address for a shipping quote. Purchases will be processed in the order in which emails are received. I am in Canada and will be shipping via Canada Post at cost. See below for shipping options.

Shipping within Canada:
  • 1 polish - Canada Post oversized letter mail $2.50USD (no tracking)
  • 2 + polishes - Canada Post regular parcel which comes with tracking. Regular parcel starts around $9-$15USD depending on where you are relative to me (Ontario). Email me for an exact quote.
 Shipping to the US:
  • Canada Post Small packet international - up to 1kg/2.2lbs - starts around $8.50USD and increases based on weight. (no tracking)
  • Canada Post tracked packet international - up to 1kg/2.2lbs - starts around $14USD and increases based on weight. (tracking)
  • Unable to ship outside of Canada and US at this time due to Covid restrictions.
For Sale

Julep, Sally Hansen, Sephora Formula X mini, FingerPaints, Icing - $0.50 each or 5/$2
Sally Hansen Work Of Tart - Sold
Julep Autumn - Sold
Julep Paula - Sold
Sephora X Orbital mini - Sold
Finger Paints Papier Mache - Sold
Icing Glitz & Glam

Sephora Formla X, China Glaze, Born Pretty $1 each or 6/$5
Sephora Formula X UR Square - Sold
Sephora Formula X Wonderment
Sephora Formula X Discovery - Sold
China Glaze Keepin' It Teal - Sold
Born Pretty Store Aurora Borealis (magnetic) - Sold

Pretty & Polished $1 or 6/$5
Pretty & Polished Over The Harvest Moon For You - Sold
Pretty & Polished Who Wears Short Shorts? - Sold
Pretty & Polished Dreams Of Mermaids
Pretty & Polished When Hearts Kaleidoscope - Sold

Native War Paints, Oopsie Daisies Nail Polish, Spy Princess Lacquer, Aliquid Lacquer, EDM Stamping Polish $1 or 6/$5
Native War Paints Nifty Shifty- Sold
Oopsie Daisies Nail Polish Bluebird - Sold
Spy Princess Lacquer Kir Royale - Sold

Aliquid Lacquer Fire Starter
Emily de Molly Metallic Brown Stamping Polish

Emerald & Ash, Lucky 13 Lacquer, Elevation Polish $1 or 6/$5
Emerald & Ash Mie Scattering
Emerald & Ash NO!
Emerald & Ash Terrible Twos - Sold
Lucky 13 Lacquer Stone of Power Mini - Sold
Elevation Polish SBP: Moving On A Scene Surreal (stuck in warm state)

What's Up Nails- $1 each or 6/$5
What's Up Nails Vinyl Stencils
What's Up Nails P010 Water Decals

Different Dimension $2 or 3/$5
Different Dimension Tinselitis
Different Dimension Microscopium - Sold
Different Dimension 50 Shades - Sold
Different Dimension Boy Blue - Sold

Different Dimension Mystified
Different Dimension Lapis Lazuli

Different Dimension, Girly Bits $2 or 3/$5
Different Dimension Social Suicide - Sold
Different Dimension Never Grow Up
Different Dimension I Only Have Ice For You - Sold
Different Dimension Friends Anenomes - Sold
Different Dimension Mystery Blue Holo - Sold
Girly Bits Smurf Dance - Sold

Darling Diva Polish $2 or 3/$5
Darling Diva Tramp Stamp
Darling Diva Triple Dog Dare
Darling Diva Soap... Poisoning - Sold
Darling Diva Wicked Attraction - Sold
Darling Diva Naughty List
Darling Diva Booty Call - Sold

LynBDesigns, Canvas Lacquer, Literary Lacquers $2 or 3/$5
LynBDesigns Quite Interesting - Sold
LynBDesigns Cocktail Swag IEC 2019 - Sold
Canvas Lacquer Blinky The Fish
Literary Lacquers Shadowgirl - Sold

Reverie Nail Lacquer $2 or 3/$5
Reverie Black Ice - Sold
Reverie Fireside - Sold
Reverie Open Water - Sold
Reverie Cloud Burst
Reverie Aubergine - Sold
Reverie Tide Pools - Sold

Reverie Nail Lacquer $2 or 3/$5
Reverie Winter Blossoms - Sold
Reverie MP 027 - Sold
Reverie Rosebud - Sold
Reverie Glitterbombs Bursting In Air
Reverie Some See A Weed - Sold
Reverie MP-142 - Sold

Pueen Double Sided Stamping Plates $2 or 3/$5
Pueen SE02 A/B
Pueen SE03 A/B

WingDust Collections $4 or 4/$14
WingDust I Ain't No Angel - Sold
WingDust Sleepless Summer Nights
WingDust Pretty Little Rebel
WingDust Bombshell! - Sold
WingDust Magic Man
WingDust Leading Lady

Pahlish, Contrary Polish, Hit The Bottle $4 or 4/$14
Pahlish Mohair Suit - Sold
Pahlish Dark Paradise - Sold
Contrary Polish Flirt
Contrary Polish Aruba
Hit The Bottle Fuchsia Predictions Stamping Polish - Sold

Paint It Pretty Polish $4 or 4/$14
Paint It Pretty Polish I Laugh In The Face Of Danger -Sold
Paint It Pretty Polish Cosmic Showers Bring Space Flowers - Sold
Paint It Pretty Polish Flurries Of Fun (thermal) - Sold
Paint It Pretty Polish Bling Up Your Life At IEC
Paint It Pretty Polish Sugar Frosted Grapes (thermal) - Sold
Paint It Pretty Polish Force Field (magnetic)

Blue-Eyed Girl Lacquer $4 or 4/$14
Blue-Eyed Girl Lacquer Proto BUCC1
Blue-Eyed Girl Lacquer Proto NBuSf1
Blue-Eyed Girl Lacquer Proto BBUHG4
Blue-Eyed Girl Lacquer To Dawn From Dusk - Sold
Blue-Eyed Girl Lacquer Siren's Lament - Sold
Blue-Eyed Girl Lacquer Proto MT151 - Sold
Blue-Eyed Girl Lacquer Siren Sells Seashells Down The Shore - Sold
Blue-Eyed Girl Lacquer Siren's Sea Sanctuary - Sold

Illimite, Alter Ego $4 or 4/$14
Illimite Melancholia - Sold
Illimite Delicate Beauty - Sold
Alter Ego Golden Brilliance
Alter Ego IEC Cocktail Exlusive - Sold
Alter Ego Poised Heroine - Sold

Arcane Lacquer, Sayuri, Celestial $4 or 4/$14
Arcane Lacquer Locked In Limbo - Sold
Arcane Lacquer In This Sobriety - Sold
Arcane Lacquer Paucity
Sayuri Twinkling Twilight - Sold
Celestial HHC - Dragon Wings

ILNP, Laquered UP, Bee's Knees Lacquer $6 or 4/$22
ILNP Blue Steel
ILNP Admire Me
ILNP Float On
ILNP Purgatory - Sold
ILNP Long Walks - Sold
Lacquered U.P. Resurrection - Sold
Bee's Knees Lacquer Young, Tough and Morally Flexible - Sold

Lollipop Posse Lacquer, Cadillacquer, Enchanted Polish $6 or 4/$22
Lollipop Posse Lacquer Images Of Broken Light - Sold
Cadillacquer Zenosyne - Sold
Cadillacquer Corallium
Cadillacquer The Fire Trials - Sold
Enchanted Polish February 2015 - Sold

Emily de Molly $6 or 4/$22
Emily de Molly LE31
Emily de Molly A Certain Shade Of Green - Sold
Emily de Molly It's Sunday Somewhere - Sold
Emily de Molly Travels By Day - Sold
Emily de Molly Be Still And Know (magnetic) - Sold
Emily de Molly Terrible Wonders - Sold
Emily de Molly Start Things Over (thermal) - Sold

Emily de Molly $6 or 4/$22
Emily de Molly In Madness We Shall Reign - Sold
Emily de Molly The Puzzle - Sold
Emily de Molly Where You Stand - Sold
Emily de Molly Sample 450
Emily de Molly Ever Sort After
Emily de Molly Sample 552 - Sold
Emily de Molly Right Of Passage

KBShimmer, Bow Polish, FUN Lacquer, Pretty Serious $6 or 4/$22
KBShimmer Universal Appeal (magnetic) - Sold
Bow Polish Black Thermo Top Coat - Sold
FUN Lacquer Paparazzi
Pretty Serious An Uzi From Daddy - Sold
Pretty Serious Undercover Mermaid - Sold

Dance Legend, Eat Sleep Polish $6 or 4/$22
Dance Legend NY NY
Dance Legend Melange 266
Eat Sleep Polish Glacier Nights - Sold
Eat Sleep Polish Doris The Dorado - Sold
Eat Sleep Polish Berry Holo Sample - Sold
Eat Sleep Polish Happi The Hippo

Girly Bits Cosmetics $8 or 4/$30
Girly Bits SBP 1063 - Sold
Girly Bits Girl It's Not You - Sold
Girly Bits Pumpkin Sumthin' - Sold
Girly Bits Galactic Haze - Sold
Girly Bits Tattle-Teal
Girly Bits Tangled - Sold
Girly Bits Seriously Sassy - Sold

Girly Bits Cosmetics $8 or 4/$30
Girly Bits Holy Sheet (stuck in pink warm state like bottle colour) - Sold
Girly Bits Things Get Better With Sage - Sold
Girly Bits Don't Play Games Oops
Girly Bits Let's Get Basted - Sold
Girly Bits You Look Mauvelous - Sold
Girly Bits Going Commando - Sold
Girly Bits Sample 1910

Girly Bits Cosmetics $8 or 4/$30
Girly Bits Absinthe Fairy - Sold
Girly Bits Black Blizzard - Sold
Girly Bits Small Batch Prototype 1496 - Sold
Girly Bits Small Batch Prototype 1300
Girly Bits SBP 1097 - Sold
Girly Bits Because I Cran - Sold
Girly Bits Wassail Away - Sold

Girly Bits Cosmetics $8 or 4/$30
Girly Bits Peel Here
Girly Bits Slay Belle
Girly Bits Small Batch Prototype 1498 - Sold
Girly Bits Snafu
Girly Bits Aussie What You Did There - Sold
Girly Bits OOAK Blue Holo
Girly Bits Sample 2974-2 - Sold

Girly Bits Cosmetics $8 or 4/$30
Girly Bits Festival Of Lights - Sold
Girly Bits Small Batch Prototpye 1391
Girly Bits Small Batch Prototype 1310 - Sold
Girly Bits Fathomless - Sold
Girly Bits Sample 1895
Girly Bits Sample 2106
Girly Bits Sample Pocuscadabra - Sold

Girly Bits Cosmetics $8 or 4/$30
Girly Bits Destined To Meet Again - Sold
Girly Bits Midnight In Paris - Sold
Girly Bits Love Ya Beach!
Girly Bits For Once And Floral - Sold
Girly Bits Sage Against The Machine
Girly Bits Through The Looking Glass
Girly Bits Sample Squirrel Sample #1

Girly Bits Cosmetics, Moo Moo's Signatures $8 or 4/$30
Girly Bits Orchid-ing Me Right? - Sold
Girly Bits Now & Then - Sold
Girly Bits Steel My Heart - Sold
Girly Bits Sky Theatre
Moo Moo's Signatures Behind Palace Walls
Moo Moo's Signatures It's A Dreamcatcher

Femme Fatale Cosmetics $8 or 4/$30
Femme Fatale The Forgotten Coast
Femme Fatale Deepwild Shallows
Femme Fatale Abyssal Reflections - Sold
Femme Fatale Hydraxia - Sold
Femme Fatale Gilded Rose - Sold
Femme Fatale World Of Shadows

Femme Fatale Cosmetics $8 or 4/$30
Femme Fatale Grape Minds Think Alike - Sold
Femme Fatale Ouija
Femme Fatale Shadow Stair - Sold
Femme Fatale We're All Just Stardust - Sold
Femme Fatale Sandcrawler - Sold
Femme Fatale The Egotrip - Sold

Femme Fatale Cosmetics $8 or 4/$30
Femme Fatale Secret Shine July '16 Sample 132 - Sold
Femme Fatale Dusk Dazzle
Femme Fatale Tiger Lily
Femme Fatale Coral Grove - Sold
Femme Fatale Wandering Wizard - Sold
Femme Fatale Woodland Mosaic - Sold

Femme Fatale Cosmetics $8 or 4/$30
Femme Fatale Rich In Beauty
Femme Fatale Room 237 - Sold
Femme Fatale The Third Moon
Femme Fatale Reticence
Femme Fatale Bewitched - Sold
Femme Fatale Mystic Gathering Sample #20 April 2015 - Sold

Femme Fatale Cosmetics, Picture Polish $8 or 4/$30
Femme Fatale The Secret Coinage -Sold
Femme Fatale Reverend Mothers - Sold

Picture Polish Scandal - Sold
Picture Polish Honey Moon


Cheeky XL Stamping Plates $4 or 4/$14
Cheeky XL Plate M - Sold
Cheeky XL Plate I - Sold

Zoya, CND - $2 each or 3/$5
Zoya Cosmo - Sold
Zoya Paloma - Sold
Zoya Charisma - Sold
Zoya Nora - Sold
CND Amethyst Sparkle #564 - Sold

Stamping Plates
Nicole Diary 094 - $0.50 or 5/$2 - Sold
Nicole Diary 088 - $1 or 6/$5 - Sold
Born Pretty Store Spring Garden L007 - $1 or 6/$5 - Sold

Emily de Molly Stamping Plates $2 or 3/$5
Emily de Molly EDM14 - Sold

Lucky 13 Lacquer $2 or 3/$5
Lucky 13 Lacquer Kamakrazee War Boys - Sold
Lucky 13 Lacquer Happy F*cking Birthday - Sold
Lucky 13 Lacquer Stardust - Sold
Lucky 13 Lacquer We Are Loud - Sold
Lucky 13 Lacquer Extra Spoons - Sold
Lucky 13 Lacquer We Are The Crystal Gems - Sold

Different Dimension $2 or 3/$5
Different Dimension Out Of Space Convertible - Sold
Different Dimension Ships Ahoy! - Sold
Different Dimension Go Pluck Yourself - Sold
Different Dimension Topaz 2.0 - Sold
Different Dimension Thriller - Sold

A England, Rogue Lacquer, Indigo Bananas $6 or 4/$22
A England Her Rose Adagio - Sold
Rogue Lacquer Girly Bits - Sold
Indigo Bananas Hole In The Sky - Sold
Indigo Bananas Storm Drops - Sold
Indigo Bananas Aether Or - Sold

Blush Lacquers $6 or 4/$22
Blush Lacquers Kiss Me - Sold
Blush Lacquers Cotton Candy Rays - Sold
Blush Lacquers Morning Light - Sold
Blush Lacquers As If - Sold
Blush Lacquers Faded Flowers - Sold
Blush Lacquers Gloaming Roaming - Sold
Blush Lacquers Silver Lining - Sold

Julep, Tough As Nails, Reverie mini, Aliquid Lacquer mini, Essie mini - $0.50 each or 5/$2
Julep Jennine - Sold
Julep Percy - Sold
Julep Tania - Sold
Julep Joanna - Sold
Julep Lena - Sold
Tough As Nails Lacquer Conquest: The White Horse mini - Sold
Reverie Nail Lacquer Turquoise holo glitter proto mini - Sold
Aliquid Lacquer Nightingale's Song mini - Sold
Essie Flowerista mini - Sold

Reverie Nail Lacquer $2 or 3/$5
Reverie Wild Wisteria (faded to white) - Sold
Reverie Firethorn - Sold
Reverie Fairy Pools - Sold
Reverie Lagoon - Sold
Reverie MP-166 - Sold
Reverie MP 031 - Sold

Lucky 13 Lacquer, Zombie Claw $2 or 3/$5
Lucky 13 Lacquer Don't Dream It, Be It - Sold
Lucky 13 Lacquer Gilded Eggplant - Sold
Lucky 13 Lacquer Trine - Sold
Lucky 13 Lacquer Raspberries To Riches - Sold
Lucky 13 Lacquer Dragon Rise - Sold

Zombie Claw Canadian Zombie - Sold

Emily de Molly $6 or 4/$22
Emily de Molly LE 190 - Sold
Emily de Molly End Of Seasons - Sold
Emily de Molly Teller Of Tales - Sold
Emily de Molly Concentric Circles - Sold
Emily de Molly The Devils Side - Sold
Emily de Molly Flexible Morality - Sold
Emily de Molly LE 188 - Sold

Paint It Pretty Polish $4 or 4/$14
Paint It Pretty Polish No Glitter, No Glamour - Sold
Paint It Pretty Polish Zebra Stripes (thermal) - Sold
Paint It Pretty Polish You Gotta Put Your Behind In the Past - Sold
Paint It Pretty Polish Rainbow - Sold
Paint It Pretty Polish Remember Who You Are - Sold

Paint It Pretty Polish $4 or 4/$14
Paint It Pretty Polish Keep Calm, It's Almost Over - Sold
Paint It Pretty Polish Flake Off - Sold
Paint It Pretty Polish Bah Humbug - Sold
Paint It Pretty Polish Magnetic Fields (magnetic) - Sold
Paint It Pretty Polish I Believe - Sold

Girly Bits Cosmetics $8 or 4/$30
Girly Bits No More Tears - Sold
Girly Bits Ocean Jewel - Sold
Girly Bits Je Ne Sais Quoi - Sold
Girly Bits Beets Me - Sold
Girly Bits Brown Sugar - Sold
Girly Bits SBP RAO - Sold
Girly Bits Calla Me Maybe - Sold


  1. You have so many nice ones, how can you part with them?

    1. At some point there is such a thing as too much polish. :)

  2. Replies
    1. Hi Carla, yes I am. Anything not marked as sold is still available.

  3. Do you plan on listing anything else in the near future?

    1. I also have a pinterest board which is more up to date https://www.pinterest.ca/crossedwires/nail-polish-for-sale/

  4. Hi Michelle, I was wondering if you still have the Girly Bits Misheard Lyrics Collection and if you were willing to part with a few of them :)

    1. I do, but am not selling them at this point. You can still get the collection from Girly Bits though. :)