February 24, 2020

Winter 2020 Blog Sale

Hello readers,
It's time for a blog sale! Please read the details below regarding how to contact me to buy some polish and shipping costs. Happy polishing!

The Details

A lot of the polishes have a buy x/$X price. Feel free to mix and match between brands in the same price group. All polish and shipping prices are in USD. To place an order please email manicuremanifesto@gmail.com with a list of the polishes you'd like along with your full mailing address for a shipping quote. Purchases will be processed in the order in which emails are received. I am in Canada and will be shipping via Canada Post at cost. See below for shipping options.

Shipping within Canada:
  • 1 polish - Canada Post oversized letter mail $2.50USD (no tracking)
  • 2 + polishes - Canada Post regular parcel which comes with tracking. Regular parcel starts around $9-$15USD depending on where you are relative to me (Ontario). Email me for an exact quote.
 Shipping to the US:
  • Canada Post Small packet international - up to 1kg/2.2lbs - starts around $8.50USD and increases based on weight. (no tracking)
  • Canada Post tracked packet international - up to 1kg/2.2lbs - starts around $14USD and increases based on weight. (tracking)
  • Unable to ship outside of Canada and US at this time due to Covid restrictions.
For Sale

Julep, Sally Hansen, Sephora Formula X mini, FingerPaints, Icing - $0.50 each or 5/$2
Sally Hansen Work Of Tart - Sold
Julep Autumn - Sold
Julep Paula - Sold
Sephora X Orbital mini - Sold
Finger Paints Papier Mache - Sold
Icing Glitz & Glam

Sephora Formla X, China Glaze, Born Pretty $1 each or 6/$5
Sephora Formula X UR Square - Sold
Sephora Formula X Wonderment
Sephora Formula X Discovery - Sold
China Glaze Keepin' It Teal - Sold
Born Pretty Store Aurora Borealis (magnetic) - Sold

Pretty & Polished $1 or 6/$5
Pretty & Polished Over The Harvest Moon For You - Sold
Pretty & Polished Who Wears Short Shorts? - Sold
Pretty & Polished Dreams Of Mermaids
Pretty & Polished When Hearts Kaleidoscope

Native War Paints, Oopsie Daisies Nail Polish, Spy Princess Lacquer, Aliquid Lacquer, EDM Stamping Polish $1 or 6/$5
Native War Paints Nifty Shifty- Sold
Oopsie Daisies Nail Polish Bluebird
Spy Princess Lacquer Kir Royale
Aliquid Lacquer Fire Starter
Emily de Molly Metallic Brown Stamping Polish

Emerald & Ash, Lucky 13 Lacquer, Elevation Polish $1 or 6/$5
Emerald & Ash Mie Scattering
Emerald & Ash NO!
Emerald & Ash Terrible Twos
Lucky 13 Lacquer Stone of Power Mini - Sold
Elevation Polish SBP: Moving On A Scene Surreal (stuck in warm state)

What's Up Nails- $1 each or 6/$5
What's Up Nails Vinyl Stencils
What's Up Nails P010 Water Decals

Different Dimension $2 or 3/$5
Different Dimension Tinselitis
Different Dimension Microscopium - Sold
Different Dimension 50 Shades
Different Dimension Boy Blue
Different Dimension Mystified
Different Dimension Lapis Lazuli

Different Dimension, Girly Bits $2 or 3/$5
Different Dimension Social Suicide - Sold
Different Dimension Never Grow Up
Different Dimension I Only Have Ice For You - Sold
Different Dimension Friends Anenomes
Different Dimension Mystery Blue Holo - Sold
Girly Bits Smurf Dance - Sold

Darling Diva Polish $2 or 3/$5
Darling Diva Tramp Stamp
Darling Diva Triple Dog Dare
Darling Diva Soap... Poisoning
Darling Diva Wicked Attraction - Sold
Darling Diva Naughty List
Darling Diva Booty Call - Sold

Lucky 13 Lacquer, Zombie Claw $2 or 3/$5
Lucky 13 Lacquer Don't Dream It, Be It - Sold
Lucky 13 Lacquer Gilded Eggplant - Sold
Lucky 13 Lacquer Trine - Sold
Lucky 13 Lacquer Raspberries To Riches - Sold
Lucky 13 Lacquer Dragon Rise - Sold

Zombie Claw Canadian Zombie

LynBDesigns, Canvas Lacquer, Literary Lacquers $2 or 3/$5
LynBDesigns Quite Interesting - Sold
LynBDesigns Cocktail Swag IEC 2019 - Sold
Canvas Lacquer Blinky The Fish
Literary Lacquers Shadowgirl - Sold

Reverie Nail Lacquer $2 or 3/$5
Reverie Black Ice
Reverie Fireside - Sold
Reverie Open Water - Sold
Reverie Cloud Burst
Reverie Aubergine - Sold
Reverie Tide Pools

Reverie Nail Lacquer $2 or 3/$5
Reverie Wild Wisteria (faded to white) - Sold
Reverie Firethorn - Sold
Reverie Fairy Pools - Sold
Reverie Lagoon
Reverie MP-166
Reverie MP 031

Reverie Nail Lacquer $2 or 3/$5
Reverie Winter Blossoms - Sold
Reverie MP 027 - Sold
Reverie Rosebud - Sold
Reverie Glitterbombs Bursting In Air
Reverie Some See A Weed - Sold
Reverie MP-142 - Sold

Pueen Double Sided Stamping Plates $2 or 3/$5
Pueen SE02 A/B
Pueen SE03 A/B

WingDust Collections $4 or 4/$14
WingDust I Ain't No Angel - Sold
WingDust Sleepless Summer Nights
WingDust Pretty Little Rebel
WingDust Bombshell! - Sold
WingDust Magic Man
WingDust Leading Lady

Pahlish, Contrary Polish, Hit The Bottle $4 or 4/$14
Pahlish Mohair Suit
Pahlish Dark Paradise - Sold
Contrary Polish Flirt
Contrary Polish Aruba
Hit The Bottle Fuchsia Predictions Stamping Polish - Sold

Paint It Pretty Polish $4 or 4/$14
Paint It Pretty Polish No Glitter, No Glamour
Paint It Pretty Polish Zebra Stripes (thermal)
Paint It Pretty Polish You Gotta Put Your Behind In the Past - Sold
Paint It Pretty Polish Rainbow
Paint It Pretty Polish Remember Who You Are - Sold

Paint It Pretty Polish $4 or 4/$14
Paint It Pretty Polish Keep Calm, It's Almost Over
Paint It Pretty Polish Flake Off
Paint It Pretty Polish Bah Humbug
Paint It Pretty Polish Magnetic Fields (magnetic)
Paint It Pretty Polish I Believe - Sold

Paint It Pretty Polish $4 or 4/$14
Paint It Pretty Polish I Laugh In The Face Of Danger
Paint It Pretty Polish Cosmic Showers Bring Space Flowers - Sold
Paint It Pretty Polish Flurries Of Fun (thermal) - Sold
Paint It Pretty Polish Bling Up Your Life At IEC
Paint It Pretty Polish Sugar Frosted Grapes (thermal) - Sold
Paint It Pretty Polish Force Field (magnetic)

Blue-Eyed Girl Lacquer $4 or 4/$14
Blue-Eyed Girl Lacquer Proto BUCC1
Blue-Eyed Girl Lacquer Proto NBuSf1
Blue-Eyed Girl Lacquer Proto BBUHG4
Blue-Eyed Girl Lacquer To Dawn From Dusk - Sold
Blue-Eyed Girl Lacquer Siren's Lament - Sold
Blue-Eyed Girl Lacquer Proto MT151 - Sold
Blue-Eyed Girl Lacquer Siren Sells Seashells Down The Shore
Blue-Eyed Girl Lacquer Siren's Sea Sanctuary - Sold

Illimite, Alter Ego $4 or 4/$14
Illimite Melancholia - Sold
Illimite Delicate Beauty - Sold
Alter Ego Golden Brilliance
Alter Ego IEC Cocktail Exlusive
Alter Ego Poised Heroine - Sold

Arcane Lacquer, Sayuri, Celestial $4 or 4/$14
Arcane Lacquer Locked In Limbo - Sold
Arcane Lacquer In This Sobriety - Sold
Arcane Lacquer Paucity
Sayuri Twinkling Twilight - Sold
Celestial HHC - Dragon Wings

ILNP, Laquered UP, Bee's Knees Lacquer $6 or 4/$22
ILNP Blue Steel
ILNP Admire Me
ILNP Float On
ILNP Purgatory - Sold
ILNP Long Walks - Sold
Lacquered U.P. Resurrection - Sold
Bee's Knees Lacquer Young, Tough and Morally Flexible - Sold

Lollipop Posse Lacquer, Cadillacquer, Enchanted Polish $6 or 4/$22
Lollipop Posse Lacquer Images Of Broken Light - Sold
Cadillacquer Zenosyne - Sold
Cadillacquer Corallium
Cadillacquer The Fire Trials - Sold
Enchanted Polish February 2015

Emily de Molly $6 or 4/$22
Emily de Molly LE31
Emily de Molly A Certain Shade Of Green - Sold
Emily de Molly It's Sunday Somewhere - Sold
Emily de Molly Travels By Day - Sold
Emily de Molly Be Still And Know (magnetic) - Sold
Emily de Molly Terrible Wonders - Sold
Emily de Molly Start Things Over (thermal) - Sold

Emily de Molly $6 or 4/$22
Emily de Molly LE 190
Emily de Molly End Of Seasons - Sold
Emily de Molly Teller Of Tales - Sold
Emily de Molly Concentric Circles
Emily de Molly The Devils Side - Sold
Emily de Molly Flexible Morality - Sold
Emily de Molly LE 188

Emily de Molly $6 or 4/$22
Emily de Molly In Madness We Shall Reign - Sold
Emily de Molly The Puzzle - Sold
Emily de Molly Where You Stand - Sold
Emily de Molly Sample 450
Emily de Molly Ever Sort After
Emily de Molly Sample 552 - Sold
Emily de Molly Right Of Passage

KBShimmer, Bow Polish, FUN Lacquer, Pretty Serious $6 or 4/$22
KBShimmer Universal Appeal (magnetic) - Sold
Bow Polish Black Thermo Top Coat - Sold
FUN Lacquer Paparazzi
Pretty Serious An Uzi From Daddy - Sold
Pretty Serious Undercover Mermaid - Sold

Dance Legend, Eat Sleep Polish $6 or 4/$22
Dance Legend NY NY
Dance Legend Melange 266
Eat Sleep Polish Glacier Nights - Sold
Eat Sleep Polish Doris The Dorado - Sold
Eat Sleep Polish Berry Holo Sample
Eat Sleep Polish Happi The Hippo

Girly Bits Cosmetics $8 or 4/$30
Girly Bits SBP 1063 - Sold
Girly Bits Girl It's Not You
Girly Bits Pumpkin Sumthin' - Sold
Girly Bits Galactic Haze
Girly Bits Tattle-Teal
Girly Bits Tangled - Sold
Girly Bits Seriously Sassy - Sold

Girly Bits Cosmetics $8 or 4/$30
Girly Bits Holy Sheet (stuck in pink warm state like bottle colour) - Sold
Girly Bits Things Get Better With Sage - Sold
Girly Bits Don't Play Games Oops
Girly Bits Let's Get Basted - Sold
Girly Bits You Look Mauvelous - Sold
Girly Bits Going Commando - Sold
Girly Bits Sample 1910

Girly Bits Cosmetics $8 or 4/$30
Girly Bits Absinthe Fairy - Sold
Girly Bits Black Blizzard - Sold
Girly Bits Small Batch Prototype 1496
Girly Bits Small Batch Prototype 1300
Girly Bits SBP 1097
Girly Bits Because I Cran - Sold
Girly Bits Wassail Away

Girly Bits Cosmetics $8 or 4/$30
Girly Bits Peel Here
Girly Bits Slay Belle
Girly Bits Small Batch Prototype 1498 - Sold
Girly Bits Snafu
Girly Bits Aussie What You Did There - Sold
Girly Bits OOAK Blue Holo
Girly Bits Sample 2974-2

Girly Bits Cosmetics $8 or 4/$30
Girly Bits Festival Of Lights
Girly Bits Small Batch Prototpye 1391
Girly Bits Small Batch Prototype 1310
Girly Bits Fathomless - Sold
Girly Bits Sample 1895
Girly Bits Sample 2106
Girly Bits Sample Pocuscadabra - Sold

Girly Bits Cosmetics $8 or 4/$30
Girly Bits Destined To Meet Again
Girly Bits Midnight In Paris - Sold
Girly Bits Love Ya Beach!
Girly Bits For Once And Floral - Sold
Girly Bits Sage Against The Machine
Girly Bits Through The Looking Glass
Girly Bits Sample Squirrel Sample #1

Girly Bits Cosmetics $8 or 4/$30
Girly Bits No More Tears
Girly Bits Ocean Jewel
Girly Bits Je Ne Sais Quoi - Sold
Girly Bits Beets Me - Sold
Girly Bits Brown Sugar - Sold
Girly Bits SBP RAO - Sold
Girly Bits Calla Me Maybe - Sold

Girly Bits Cosmetics, Moo Moo's Signatures $8 or 4/$30
Girly Bits Orchid-ing Me Right? - Sold
Girly Bits Now & Then - Sold
Girly Bits Steel My Heart
Girly Bits Sky Theatre
Moo Moo's Signatures Behind Palace Walls
Moo Moo's Signatures It's A Dreamcatcher

Femme Fatale Cosmetics $8 or 4/$30
Femme Fatale The Forgotten Coast
Femme Fatale Deepwild Shallows
Femme Fatale Abyssal Reflections
Femme Fatale Hydraxia - Sold
Femme Fatale Gilded Rose - Sold
Femme Fatale World Of Shadows

Femme Fatale Cosmetics $8 or 4/$30
Femme Fatale Grape Minds Think Alike - Sold
Femme Fatale Ouija
Femme Fatale Shadow Stair - Sold
Femme Fatale We're All Just Stardust - Sold
Femme Fatale Sandcrawler - Sold
Femme Fatale The Egotrip - Sold

Femme Fatale Cosmetics $8 or 4/$30
Femme Fatale Secret Shine July '16 Sample 132 - Sold
Femme Fatale Dusk Dazzle
Femme Fatale Tiger Lily
Femme Fatale Coral Grove
Femme Fatale Wandering Wizard
Femme Fatale Woodland Mosaic

Femme Fatale Cosmetics $8 or 4/$30
Femme Fatale Rich In Beauty
Femme Fatale Room 237 - Sold
Femme Fatale The Third Moon
Femme Fatale Reticence
Femme Fatale Bewitched - Sold
Femme Fatale Mystic Gathering Sample #20 April 2015 - Sold

Femme Fatale Cosmetics, Picture Polish $8 or 4/$30
Femme Fatale The Secret Coinage
Femme Fatale Reverend Mothers
Picture Polish Scandal - Sold
Picture Polish Honey Moon


Cheeky XL Stamping Plates $4 or 4/$14
Cheeky XL Plate M - Sold
Cheeky XL Plate I - Sold

Zoya, CND - $2 each or 3/$5
Zoya Cosmo - Sold
Zoya Paloma - Sold
Zoya Charisma - Sold
Zoya Nora - Sold
CND Amethyst Sparkle #564 - Sold

Stamping Plates
Nicole Diary 094 - $0.50 or 5/$2 - Sold
Nicole Diary 088 - $1 or 6/$5 - Sold
Born Pretty Store Spring Garden L007 - $1 or 6/$5 - Sold

Emily de Molly Stamping Plates $2 or 3/$5
Emily de Molly EDM14 - Sold

Lucky 13 Lacquer $2 or 3/$5
Lucky 13 Lacquer Kamakrazee War Boys - Sold
Lucky 13 Lacquer Happy F*cking Birthday - Sold
Lucky 13 Lacquer Stardust - Sold
Lucky 13 Lacquer We Are Loud - Sold
Lucky 13 Lacquer Extra Spoons - Sold
Lucky 13 Lacquer We Are The Crystal Gems - Sold

Different Dimension $2 or 3/$5
Different Dimension Out Of Space Convertible - Sold
Different Dimension Ships Ahoy! - Sold
Different Dimension Go Pluck Yourself - Sold
Different Dimension Topaz 2.0 - Sold
Different Dimension Thriller - Sold

A England, Rogue Lacquer, Indigo Bananas $6 or 4/$22
A England Her Rose Adagio - Sold
Rogue Lacquer Girly Bits - Sold
Indigo Bananas Hole In The Sky - Sold
Indigo Bananas Storm Drops - Sold
Indigo Bananas Aether Or - Sold

Blush Lacquers $6 or 4/$22
Blush Lacquers Kiss Me - Sold
Blush Lacquers Cotton Candy Rays - Sold
Blush Lacquers Morning Light - Sold
Blush Lacquers As If - Sold
Blush Lacquers Faded Flowers - Sold
Blush Lacquers Gloaming Roaming - Sold
Blush Lacquers Silver Lining - Sold

Julep, Tough As Nails, Reverie mini, Aliquid Lacquer mini, Essie mini - $0.50 each or 5/$2
Julep Jennine - Sold
Julep Percy - Sold
Julep Tania - Sold
Julep Joanna - Sold
Julep Lena - Sold
Tough As Nails Lacquer Conquest: The White Horse mini - Sold
Reverie Nail Lacquer Turquoise holo glitter proto mini - Sold
Aliquid Lacquer Nightingale's Song mini - Sold

Essie Flowerista mini - Sold


  1. You have so many nice ones, how can you part with them?

    1. At some point there is such a thing as too much polish. :)