July 12, 2013

My first blog sale purchase and it turned out to be a scam. That's right Jenna @ I'm Still Thinking, I'm talking about you!

A little under three weeks ago I saw that Jenna at I'm Still Thinking was having a polish sale.  She announced it via her blog's facebook page.  The deal was $20 for 20 lower end polishes or $20 for 10 higher end polishes.  Seemed like an amazing deal so I bought one of each plus paid $20 for shipping to Canada.  I was promised next day shipping and that I would get a tracking number once it was shipped.  A couple days went by and I heard nothing so I emailed her back asking for my tracking number.  She said she had misplaced the receipt but would look for it and send me the number ASAP.

Another week went by and I heard nothing so I emailed again.  I got silence in return.  Once three weeks had gone by with no package arriving (normally it takes 1.5-2 weeks for things to get to me from the US) I filed a paypal dispute.  Magically within hours she emailed me asking why I had opened a dispute.  She had offered me a refund or to send a replacement package.  I never received this email and asked her to forward it to me.  She could not produce it and said that she had been mistaken, she had never sent it but was still willing to refund my money or send another package.  I asked for a refund.

Two days passed and I hadn't got my money back so I emailed yet again asking when I could expect it.  I did not receive a response.  I also posted on her blog's facebook page.  That didn't get a response either and my post has since been deleted.

I posted my blog sale woes in a polish community forum I'm part of only to find out that two other people had ordered and had gone through the EXACT same experience.  Claims of lost tracking info followed by silence when packages didn't show up.  Eventually they were offered the same thing as me, a replacement or a refund.  They both opted for the replacement.  Their tracking info 'was lost' again and the packages never showed up.

I'm really disappointed.  First of all I was really excited for my mystery box of polish.  Second of all, that a well followed blogger (her blog has over 1500 followers and her fb page has over 1000) would scam people like this.  She has had successful blog sales in the past but something has changed it seems.  News spreads quickly on the internet.

Life tip: unless it is actually a gift, always end Paypal payments marked as "for goods or services".  This is the only type of payment you can file a claim for if something goes wrong.  I'm waiting for Paypal to sort out my claim as I write this.  I just hope I can get my money back. 

Hopefully those of you out there who have bought from blog sales had a better experience than I did!

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  1. I feel SO bad for you and everyone else who was scammed! I got my first mystery grab bag from the Sparkly Vernus blog and it was an AMAZING experience, so when I heard about this one, I looked into it a bit but I'm REALLY glad I didn't end up trying to get anything. I really hope you get everything sorted out and Paypal refunds your money! :(