June 04, 2013

Look What Showed Up From Pipe Dream Polish!

Disclaimer:  These polishes were offered at a reduced price or at no charge to thelazylaquerista.blogspot.com in exchange for published reviews.  All reviews are fair, honest and reflect my personal opinion.

 I am really excited to be working with Pipe Dream Polish!  I've received six of her polishes to swatch and review for you and they all look amazing.  How am I going to choose which to try first??  Keep your eyes open for posts about these lovely polishes in the next few weeks.  I think my favorite is what are you or what but that may change once I put them on.  Is there one that has already caught your eye?  

You can check out her Etsy store at https://www.etsy.com/shop/pipedreampolish.  In honor of her upcoming wedding she has the "I'M GETTING MARRIED SALE!!" running right now. Just use the code HITCHED to receive 15% off your order.  As an extra bonus if you buy 2 to 3 bottles you'll get a mini of your choice free and if you buy 4 or more bottles you'll get 2 minis of your choice free.  That's a great deal!


  1. Can't wait to see your reviews. I looked at Pink Elephants and Lemonade on Etsy and it looks amazing.

    1. Don't worry...it's coming. I feel silly putting a polish on just to take photos and then take it right off. Just seems wasteful! So I wear all of my manis for at least a day before switching to another colour.

    2. I feel the same. Although with the amount of polish I'm accumulating, (ahem, thanks PG & RAoP) I feel like I should be changing them more than twice a week. :)