November 28, 2016

Fall 2016 Blog Sale!

Hello readers,
My nail polish collection was getting a bit too big (who knew it was possible!) which means it's time for a giant destash! Please read the details below regarding how to contact me to buy some polish and shipping costs. Happy polishing!

The Details

A lot of the polishes have a buy x/$X price. Feel free to mix and mach between brands in the same price group. There are also some free with purchase polishes. These free polishes still count towards your item total for shipping quotes. All polish and shipping prices are in USD. To place an order please email with a list of the polishes you'd like along with your full mailing address for a shipping quote. I am in Canada and will be shipping via Canada Post. See below for shipping options. If you would like a shipping option that doesn't come with tracking, I require payment via paypal family&friends. If you choose a shipping option that comes with tracking, I can send a paypal invoice.

Shipping within Canada:
  • 1 polish - Canada Post oversized letter mail $2.00USD (no tracking)
  • 2 polishes - Canada Post oversized letter mail $3.00USD (no tracking)
  • 3 + polishes - Can either break into smaller packages to send via oversized letter mail (above) or Canada Post regular parcel which comes with tracking. Regular parcel starts around $8.50-$13.50USD depending on where you are relative to me (Ontario). Email me for an exact quote.
 Shipping to the US:
  • Canada Post Small packet international - up to 1kg/2.2lbs - starts around $8USD and increases based on weight. (no tracking)
  • Canada Post tracked packet international - up to 1kg/2.2lbs - starts around $15USD and increases based on weight. (tracking)
  • Please email for an exact quote.
Polishes For Sale!

Drugstore - pick one free for every five polishes purchased
Joe Fresh Teal
Joe Fresh Mist
Joe Fresh Pewter

Joe Fresh Cloud
Joe Fresh Eggplant
Joe Fresh Opal 

Joe Fresh Mulberry 
Wet n Wild Blue Moon

Drugstore - pick one free for every five polishes purchased 
LA Colors Magnetic Force
NYC Fashion Ave Fuchsia
NYC Prince Street
NYC East Village
Nanacoco blue glitter
Kleancolor Holo Chrome
Maurices Metallic Teal

Drugstore - pick one free for every five polishes purchased
Clinique Nude
Pure Ice Over YOu
Pure Ice Look My Way
Rimmel Magic Stardust
Red Earth rose gold shimmer
Shakura Naturals water based polish orange creme
Essence Modern Romance
Style Essentials green shimmer
Maurices teal shimmer
Sally Beauty Silver Glitter snowman
Wet n Wild Hallucinate

Drugstore polishes - $1 each or 6/$5
Essence give me nude, baby!
Essence miss universe
Essence blue-jeaned
Sally Hansen Black Diamond
Sally Hansen Save The Date
Sally Hansen Take The Leap
Sally Hansen Kinetic Copper

Drugstore polishes - $1 each or 6/$5
Revlon Pop Star
Revlon I'm Electro
Revlon Smoldering 
Revlon Super Powered
Revlon Purple Pleasure

Revlon Wintermint
Revlon Blackest Black
Revlon Popular

Drugstore polishes - $1 each or 6/$5 
Revlon Grapefruit Glimmer
Revlon Strawberry Glimmer

Revlon Grape Glimmer
Rimmel Hard Metal
Loreal Diamond In The Rough
Loreal The Reign Of Studs

Drugstore polishes - $1 each or 6/$5
Maybelline Midnight Blue
Maybelline Blue Blaze
Maybelline Frozen Over
Maybelline Crystal Disguise
Maybelline Style Out
Maybelline Lavender Lustre

Drugstore polishes - $1 each or 6/$5
Sinful Colors Calypso
Sinful Colors Nail Junkie
Sinful Colors Rise & Shine

Covergirl Non-stop Stone
Covergirl Constant Caribbean
Covergirl Grapevine

Nail Appliques - $2 each
Salon Effects candy cane stripes
Salon Effects black and red stripes
Kiss nail dress white tips

Julep $2 each or 6/$10


Julep $2 each or 6/$10

Julep $2 each or 6/$10




Mainstream minis - $1.50 each or 4/$5

OPI silver canvas
OPI stay the night
Color club sugar rays
Orly Entourage
Orly Limelite
Orly Hairband
Orly Etoile

Indie minis - $2 each or 6/$10
Lyn B Designs Shrinking Violets
Lyn B Designs Time And Relative Dimension In Space
Pipe Dream Polish Shot Through The Heart
Native War Paints Beneath The Sparkling Sea
Native War Paints Crisp Red Apples
Native War Paints Changing Seasons
Native War Paints The Archer
Polish Addict Nail Color Something Blue
Polish Addict Nail Color Jellyfish

Indie minis - $2 each or 6/$10
Polish TBH Hidden
Star Candy Polish Milky Way
Indie Polish Cashmere Sweater
Pipe Dream Polish Capture A Moment
Pipe Dream Polish What You Are Or What
Leesha's Lacquer Descending Dusk
Leesha's Lacquer Red, Red Wine
Tough As Nails Lacquer Spacing Out
Above The Curve You Java Me Crazy
Above The Curve Everyday Is A Holo-Day!
Above The Curve Blue Raspberry

Essie, Nails Inc $2 each or 6/$10
Essie Hors D'oeuvres
Essie Starry Starry Night
Essie She's Picture Perfect
Essie Naughty Nautical
Essie Passport To Happiness
Nails Inc Hammersmith
Nails Inc Swiss Cottage
Nails Inc Trafalgar Crescent

Nina Ultra Pro, Essence, NOPI $2 each or 6/$10
Nina Ultra Pro Twinkle, Twinkle
Nina Ultra Pro Soho Chic
Essence Dark Night Starlight
Essence Under The Sea
NOPI I Lilac Gumdrops
NOPI That's What I Mint
NOPI Canadian Star

Nailtini, FingerPaints $2 each or 6/$5
Nailtini Frappe
FingerPaints Psychedelic Hue
FingerPaints Vivid Reflection
FingerPaints Symmetrical Symphony
FingerPaints Abstract Attraction
FingerPaints Whatta Dish
FingerPaints Sparkle In The Sky
FingerPaints Been There, Scene It!

FingerPaints $2 each of 6/$10
FingerPaints Be A Pal-ette
FingerPaints Daubigny's Garden
FingerPaints Where Art Renoir?
FingerPaints 50 Shades of Ashley
FingerPaints You Yacht To Know Better
FingerPaints Art Of Theft

FingerPaints $2 each or 6/$10

FingerPaints Winter Chill
FingerPaints Wild Bikini
FingerPaints Bare No Secrets
FingerPaints Sailor's Lure
FingerPaints Queen For A Night
FingerPaints Paper Mache
FingerPaints Surf's Up!

Nubar $2 each or 6/$10
Nubar Meadow Sparkle
Nubar Sour Candy
Nubar Earth
Nubar Purple Rain Glitter
Nubar Treasure
Nubar Absolute

Sephora by OPI $2 each or 6/$10
SOPI Who Let The Dorks Out?
SOPI It's Bouquet With Me
SOPI Looks Like Rain, Dear
SOPI Mauve-ie Star in the Making
SOPI I Don't Bite
SOPI Go My Own Way

Color Club $2 each or 6/$10
Color Club Gift Of Sparkle
Color Club Many Moons Ago
Color Club You're So Vain
Color Club Obsessed
Color Club Friends With Benefits
Color Club Fierce
Color Club Indulge Me
Color Club Dirty Money

Color Club $2 or 6/$10
Color Club Night At The Met
Color Club Abyss
Color Club Pearl-Spective
Color Club Unphased
Color Club Total Mystery
Color Club Metamorphosis
Color Club Men Are From Mars

Color Club, Deborah Lippman mini, China Glaze $2 each or 6/$10
Color Club Cheetah-Me-Not
Color Club Martian, Martian, Martian!
Color Club Bell Bottom Babe
Deborah Lippman Harlem Shake
China Glaze White Cap
China Glaze Mosaic Madness
China Glaze Want My Bawdy

China Glaze $2 or 6/$10
China Glaze Sweet Hook
China Glaze Exotic Encounters
China Glaze Sleeping Under The Stars
China Glaze Strap On Your Moonboots
China Glaze Galactic Gray
China Glaze Let's Dew It
China Glaze Snap My Dragon

China Glaze $2 each or 6/$10
China Glaze Treble Maker
China Glaze Let's Jam
China Glaze Keepin' It Teal
China Glaze Papa Don't Peach
China Glaze Immortal
China Glaze Nice Caboose!
China Glaze Seahorsin' Around

China Glaze $2 each or 6/$10
China Glaze When Stars Collide
China Glaze Take A Trek
China Glaze Choo Choo Choose You
China Glaze Strawberry Fields
China Glaze Elephant Walk
China Glaze Tempest
China Glaze Dorothy Who?
China Glaze Red-Y To Rave

China Glaze, Ceramic Glaze $2 each or 6/$10
China Glaze December To Remember
Ceramic Glaze Surf's Up!
Ceramic Glaze Urbane
Ceramic Glaze Heavenly
Ceramic Glaze Seize The Day
Ceramic Glaze French Riviera
Ceramic Glaze Perfect Peony
Ceramic Glaze Petal Pusher

Orly $3 each or 4/$10
Orly Purple Poodle
Orly Powder Puff
Orly Ingenue
Orly It's Up To Blue
Orly High On Hope
Orly Shine On Crazy Diamond

Orly $3 each or 4/$10
Orly Skinny Dip
Orly Silver Pixel
Orly Aqua Pixel
Orly Plum Pixel
Orly Hot Tropics
Orly Mirrorball

Illamasqua, Trust Fund Beauty, Deborah Lippman, Spa Ritual, Morgan Taylor $3 each or 6/$16
Illamasqua Jo'mina
Trust Fund Beauty K, Bye
Deborah Lippman Call Me Irresponsible
Deborah Lippman Good Girl Gone Bad
Deborah Lippman Across The Universe
Spa Ritual Intellect
Morgan Taylor Make A Statement

CND Vinylux, Bio Seaweed Gel, Zoya, OPI $3 each or 6/$16
CND Vinylux Wild Moss
Bio Seaweed Gel Unity All-In-One 254 Iqaluit (can cure in bright direct sunlight)
Zoya Myrta
Zoya Maisie
OPI It's Frosty Outside
OPI Solitaire
OPI Blue Chips aka The Flowers Are Blue-ming
OPI DS Lapiz

Butter London, Sephora Formula X $3 each or 6/$16
Butter London No More Waity, Katie
Butter London Victoriana
Sephora Formula X Theoretical
Sephora Formula X Galaxy
Sephora Formula X Kaleidoscope

Sephora Formula X $3 each or 6/$16
Sephora Formula X Legend
Sephora Formula X Prophecy
Sephora Formula X Hyped
Sephora Formula X Aurora
Sephora Formula X Black Hole
Sephora Formula X Clever

Ruby White Tips, Alter Ego Nail Lacquer $3 each or 6/$16
Ruby White Tips Mermaid Dreams
Ruby White Tips OMG I Die
Ruby White Tips This is My Swamp
Ruby White Tips Bay Breeze
Alter Ego C.P.A.
Alter Ego Choco La Tier
Alter Ego Penny Pincher
Alter Ego Naval Navigator
Alger Ego Beach Comber Too!

Neener Neener Nails, Spy Princes Nail Lacquer $3 each or 6/$16
Neener Neener Nails Water Cooler Gossip
Neener Neener Nails Spring Fling
Neener Neener Nails High Tide
Neener Neener Nails Baby Blue
Neener Neener Nails Sassy Gal
Spy Princess Nail Lacquer Kir Royale

Lucky 13 Lacquer Shorties $4 each or 6/$22
L13L Stone Of Time
L13L Stone of the Soul
L13L Indefinable Allure
L13L InsaTEALable
L13L Revenge Is Suede
L13L Stone Of Reality
L13L Once Upon A Dream
L13L Stone of the Mind
L13L Stone Of Power

Emily De Molly Stamping polish, Polish Revolution, Blacklace Cosmetics, Northern Star Polish Chirality, The Polish Bar $4 each or 6/$22
Emily De Molly mini stamping polish Lilac
Polish Revolution F*ing Classy
Blacklace Cosmetics Dionysus
Blacklace Cosmetics Hermes
Northern Star Polish Phantasmagoric
Chirality Cu2
The Polish Bar Bora Bora (faded to pink)

Oopsie Daisies Nails, Polish TBH, Above The Curve, Voodoo Lacquer $4 each or 6/$22
Oopsie Daisies Nails Soldier Of Fashion
Oopsie Daisies Nails Cultist Chic
Polish TBH Chaotic Peligro
Above The Curve Blue Raspberry
Above The Curve Gratitude
Above The Curve Truly Madly Deeply
Voodoo Lacquer Witches Brew

Elevation Polish $4 each or 6/$22
Elevation Polish SBP: Salto dol Soldado (ugly bottle syndrome - doesn't affect formula)
Elevation Polish SBP: Danger, that rock is rolling
Elevation Polish Iceberg Lake
Elevation Polish Elbrus 2
Elevation Polish Weddell Sea
Elevation Polish SBP Moss Upon A Statue
Elevation Polish Muztagh Ata

Elevation Polish $4 each or 6/$22
Elevation Polish Pointless Forest
Elevation Polish Shinjuku Golden Gai
Elevation Polish Pic Du Gar
Elevation Polish Khongoryn Els
Elevation Polish Prusik Or Loop It
Elevation Polish Forest Of The Fog (ugly bottle syndrome on one side, doesn't affect formula)
Elevation Polish Mount Cangyon

Elevation Polish $4 each or 6/$22
Elevation Polish Tronador (Ugly bottle syndrome, doesn't affect formula)
Elevation Polish Toubkal
Elevation Polish Theo Wirth Parkway
Elevation Polish Grotte et Cascade
Elevation Polish Prototype Melbourbe
Elevation Polish SBP: Berry Cherry Prototype

Elevation Polish $4 each or 6/$22
Elevation Pahlish Saif al Jabbar
Elevation Polish LA
Elevation Polish Avenue of the Baobabs
Elevation Polish Sunset Among The Palms
Elevation Polish The Med 2
Elevation Polish Pic De Subenuix

Rainbow Honey, Mod Lacquer, Gloss & Sparkle, 365 Days Of Color, Candeo Colors, Lush Lacquer, Nfu Oh $4 each or 6/$22
Rainbow Honey kawako
Rainbow Honey mint flavor
Mod Lacquer Thunderbird
Gloss & Sparkle Symmetry
365 Days Of Color Hippie Song
Candeo Colors Orchid
Lush Lacquer Mermaid Tears
Nfu Oh 56

Model's Own, The Polish Bar $5 each or 8/$35
Model's Own Diamond Luxe Asscher Blue
Model's Own Diamond Luxe Carat Coral
Model's Own Diamond Luxe Pear Purple
Model's Own Diamond Luxe Emerald Green
Model's Own Diamond Luxe Oval Plum
The Polish Bar Green Goddess
The Polish Bar White Lilac

Emerald&Ash, ManGlaze $5 each or 8/$35
Emerald&Ash Your Face
Emerald&Ash Smoosh Smoosh
Emerald&Ash You Sun Of A Beach
Emerald&Ash Black Ice
Emerald&Ash Water Bay
ManGlaze Mink Mitten
ManGlaze Cabron
ManGlaze ILF

Gothic Gala Lacquers, The Lady Varnishes, Pretty Serious $5 each or 8/$35
Gothic Gala Lacquers Crusher
Gothic Gala Lacquers Something's F*cky
Gothic Gala Lacquers Picard
Gothic Gala Lacquers Njord
The Lady Varnishes Raven King
The Lady Varnishes Castle Beyond The Goblin City
The Lady Varnishes Mr. Rochester
Pretty Serious Toxic Tiara

Pretty & Polished $5 each or 8/$35
Pretty & Polished New York City Lights
Pretty & Polished Tears of Dionysus
Pretty & Polished I'm Just Orchiding
Pretty & Polished Strawberry Lemonade
Pretty & Polished When Hearts Kaleidoscope
Pretty & Polished Stay Classic
Pretty & Polished Travelin' Down Dusty Rose
Pretty & Polished Tomboyish
Pretty & Polished Isadora

Cult Nails, Smokey Mountain Lacquers, Pretty & Polished $5 each or 8/$35
Cult Nails Disciplined
Cult Nails Flushed
Cult Nails My Kind Of Cool Aid
Cult Nails Thrive
Cult Nails Spontaneous
Cult Nails Iconic
Cult Nails Manipulative
Smokey Mountain Lacquers Sparks Will Fly
Smokey Mountain Lacquers Over The Moon
Pretty & Polish Dreams of Mermaids

Glittering Elements, Lyn B Designs $5 each or 8/$35
Glittering Elements Shhh, Don't Tell
Glittering Elements Secret Keeper
Lyn B Designs Dinah (ugly bottle syndrome, does not affect formula)
Lyn B Designs  Our Little Infinity
Lyn B Designs Here On Earth
Lyn B Designs Double Bluff
Lyn B Designs Do I Look Like A Frolicker?
Lyn B Designs Wait. Wait. Wait ... Is This A Kissing Booth?

Paint Box Polish, Lyn B Designs $5 each or 8/$35
Paint Box Polish Blue Above The Bay
Lyn B Designs The Speed Of Light, You Know
Lyn B Designs Follies
Lyn B Designs Pliny The Elder
Lyn B Designs Perpetual Motion Squad
Lyn B Designs Nineteen Miles A Second

Finger Lickin' Lacquer $5 each of 8/$35
Finger Lickin' Lacquer Moose
Finger Lickin' Lacquer Fishy and Fierce
Finger Lickin' Lacquer Jack Frost
Finger Lickin' Lacquer Here I Go
Finger Lickin' Lacquer Golden Hair
Finger Lickin' Lacquer Octopus
Finger Lickin' Lacquer Long Gone
Finger Lickin' Lacquer Terrapin
Finger Lickin' Lacquer Love You

6 Hearts Polish, Lyn B Designs, Lucky 13 Lacquer $5 each or 8/$35
6 Hearts Polish Sea Glass
Lyn B Designs Okay Okay?
Lucky 13 Lacquer Purple Drank
Lucky 13 Lacquer Valkyrie
Lucky 13 Lacquer Always Be A Unicorn
Lucky 13 Lacquer Sooo Changeable
Lucky 13 Lacquer You Can't Rave In A Raincoat

Lucky 13 Lacquer $5 each or 8/$35
Lucky 13 Lacquer Moon Of My Life
Lucky 13 Lacquer ... and Steven!
Lucky 13 Lacquer Always Be A Princess
Lucky 13 Lacquer Cotton Candy Of The Jungle
Lucky 13 Lacquer Always Be An Angel
Lucky 13 Lacquer Unicorn Utopia

Contrary Polish, Alchemy Lacquers $8 each or  8/$60
Contrary Polish The Gift You Gave
Contrary Polish Darling Wildflower
Contrary Polish Just a Dream
Contrary Polish Inky Fingers
Contrary Polish Be Merry
Alchemy Lacquers Delphinium
Alchemy Lacquers Elixer No.7

Girly Bits, Blue-Eyed Girl Lacquer, Cirque, Fair Maiden $8 each of 8/$60
Girly Bits Final Countdown SBP June 2016
Girly Bits Belly Jeans
Girly Bits Dash Away All
Girly Bits Stardust
Blue-Eyed Girl Lacquer Untrodden Snow
Blue-Eyed Girl Lacquer Prototype AUCC1 (proto for Gnomebody But You)
Cirque One More Time
Fair Maiden Magic Carpet Ride

WingDust Collections, Ever After Polish $8 each or 8/$60
WingDust Collections Coral Leaf
WingDust Collections Moonight Sonata
WingDust Collections Waking Dream (customized - doesn't have giant glitters)
WingDust Collections Bomb Shell!
WingDust Collections Snakeskin Shoes
WingDust Collections Beach Bum
Ever After Polish Teal The End Of Time
Ever After Polish Steel Magnolias
Ever After Polish Threshold

Dance Legend, bitch by Jaclyn $8 each or 8/$60
Dance Legend Anna Gorelova Chudo-Udo
Dance Legend 67
Dance Legend Top 607
Dance Legend Melange Collection 270
Dance Legend Melange Collection 266
bitch By Jaclyn Purple Mushroom
bitch By Jaclyn The End

Sayuri Nail Lacquer, Illyrian Polish $8 each or 8/$60
Sayuri Nail Lacquer Exalted Empire
Sayuri Nail Lacquer Chalice Of Secrets
Illyrian Polish Sirens
Illyrian Polish Houston
Illyrian Polish Forbidden Mountain
Illyrian Polish Fuck
Illyrian Polish Hydra

Picture Polish $9
Picture Polish Focus
Picture Polish Gravity
Picture Polish Orbit
Picture Polish New York
Picture Polish White Wedding
Picture Polish Enchanting
Picture Polish Imperial
Picture Polish LakoDom
Picture Polish peel off glitter base

A England, KBShimmer $8 or 8/$60 unless noted otherwise
A England Ascalon
A England Encore Margot
A England Morgan Le Fay (note fill line - $4 or 6/$22)
A England Lady Of Shalott
A England Avalon
A England Ophelia
KBShimmer Mint-al Vacation

Different Dimension $8 or 8/$60
Different Dimension Toyland
Different Dimension Ghostbusters
Different Dimension SpaceX
Different Dimension Mary Contrary
Different Dimension The Eagle Has Landed
Different Dimension Microscopium

Different Dimension $8 or 8/$60
Different Dimension Orbital
Different Dimension Space-Time
Different Dimension You've Gotta Be Squidding Me
Different Dimension Mother Gothel
Different Dimension Solar Flare
Different Dimension Mr.Grumble

Darling Diva Polish $8 each or 8/$60
Darling Diva Polish Naughty List
Darling Diva Polish Eat Your Veggies
Darling Diva Polish Princess Of Power
Darling Diva Polish Shop Till You Drop
Darling Diva Polish Tramp Stamp
Darling Diva Polish Dreamy
Darling Diva Polish Maxed Out
Darling Diva Polish Darling Nikki

Darling Diva Polish, Too Fancy Lacquer, Literary Lacquer, Scofflaw, Hare Polish $8 each or 8/$60
Darling Diva Polish Persephone
Too Fancy Lacquer Velour Nights
Too Fancy Lacquer Moody Blue
Too Fancy Lacquer A Currant Affair
Too Fancy Lacquer Magnifique!
Literary Lacquer Bionic Mmmm-Detector
Scofflaw Even Cowgirls Get The Blues
Hare Polish King of Carat Flowers
Hare Polish Ancient Affairs

Arcane Lacquer $8 each or 8/$60
Arcane Lacquer Come Back
Arcane Lacquer Forget Me Not
Arcane Lacquer Undertow
Arcane Lacquer Dreary Days
Arcane Lacquer Villain's Go
Arcane Lacquer Locked In Limbo

Arcane Lacquer $8 each or 8/$60
Arcane Lacquer No Voodoo Ordea
Arcane Lacquer Poor Little Anti Saint
Arcane Lacquer Liquid Fear
Arcane Lacquer Lonely Dreamer
Arcane Lacquer Respite Lane
Arcane Lacquer Paucity
Arcane Lacquer Glorious Nightmare

Arcane Lacquer, Cadillacquer, Ethereal Lacquer $8 each or 8/$60
Arcane Lacquer Catastrophic Scene
Arcane Lacquer Make A Move
Arcane Lacquer Hearts Ignite
Arcane Lacquer Assume Your Nemesis
Arcane Lacquer Lambient Light
Arcane Lacquer Plausible Solution
Cadillacquer Mentha (Hypnotic Polish exclusive)
Ethereal Lacquer Whimsy

ILNP, Pahlish $8 each or 8/$60
ILNP Absolute Zero
Pahlish My Bespoke Psychopath
Pahlish My Oblivion
Pahlish Ocean Gone Wrong
Pahlish Valley Of Ashes
Pahlish Mohair Suit
Pahlish Electric Boots
Pahlish Heart Of Man

Pahlish $8 each or 8/$60
Pahlish Through Still And Storm
Pahlish Move Slow And Steady
Pahlish Electrique
Pahlish La Belle Endormie
Pahlish La Belle Endormie
Pahlish Sullen Girl

Superchic Lacquer $8 each or 8/$60
Superchic Lacquer Basking In The Sun (comes with box, found it after taking photo)
Superchic Lacquer Gauntlet Girl
Superchic Lacquer Bulletproof Betty
Superchic Lacquer White Water Rush
Superchic Lacquer Hot Springs Dipping Hole

Model City Polish, Reverie Nail Lacquer, Delush Polsih $8 each or 8/$60
Model City Polish Latte
Model City Polish Fritillaria
Reverie Nail Lacquer Fireside
Reverie Nail Lacquer Tiger Lily
Delush Polish Freak Show Spectacle

Emily De Molly $8 each or 8/$60
Emily De Molly Calibrated
Emily De Molly LE 12
Emily De Molly Turn It Down
Emily De Molly Holo Patina
Emily De Molly LE 24
Emily De Molly Enchanted Dagger
Emily De Molly Candy Coated

Colors By Llarowe, Smokey Mountain Lacquers, Indigo Bananas $8 each or 8/$60
Colors By Llarowe Snowflake Asshattery
Colors By Llarowe Orion
Colors By Llarowe Zipper
Colors By Llarowe Coal In My Stocking
Colors By Llarowe Monkey See, Monkey Do
Smokey Mountain Lacquers A Night At The Club
Smokey Mountain Lacquer Teal Me What?
Indigo Bananas Alcatraz
Indigo Bananas Pure Imagination

Pipe Dream Polish, Lilypad Lacquer $8 each or 8/$60
Pipe Dream Polish Electric Soul
Lilypad Lacquer Moonglow
Lilypad Lacquer Blue Lace Agate
Lilypad Lacquer Wink Of Pink
Lilypad Lacquer Bluebell
Lilypad Lacquer Voodoo
Lilypad Lacquer Break The Rules
Lilypad Lacquer Magic At Midnight

Femme Fatale Cosmetics, Powder Perfect, CrowsToes
Femme Fatale Cosmetics Love's Wound (faded original) aka Heart Wound - The polish and box are mislabeled as Love Potion - $10
Femme Fatale Cosmetics Two Days Wrong - $10
Femme Fatale Cosmetics Snapvine - $10
Powder Perfect Around The Salvatore Fireplace - $8 or 8/$60
CrowsToes One Trick Pony - $8 or 8/$60

Enchanted Polish
Enchanted Polish Future Reflections - $10
Enchanted Polish March 2015 - $10
Enchanted Polish March 2014 - $10
Enchanted Polish Dream On - $11
Enchanted Polish January 2014 - $12
Enchanted Polish Time To Pretend - $10
Enchanted Polish October 2014 - $8
Enchanted Polish December 2014 - $12
Enchanted Polish September 2014 - $11
Enchanted Polish May 2014 - $10

Enchanted Polish
Enchanted Polish La La Land - $20
Enchanted Polish Keep Watch - $25
Enchanted Polish August 2013 - $20
Enchanted Polish Across The Universe - $10
Enchanted Polish Kids - $10
Enchanted Polish Holiday 2013 
Enchanted Polish Mercy - $10 (ugly bottle syndrome, doesn't affect formula)
Enchanted Polish Yesterday - $10
Enchanted Polish Octopus's Garden - $10

Takko Lacquer $11 each
Takko Lacquer Nirvana
Takko Lacquer Dark Paradise
Takko Lacquer Kaleidoscope Eyes

Ozotic $12 each
Ozotic 914
Ozotic 529
Ozotic 505
Ozotic 912
Ozotic 517
Ozotic 504
Ozotic 534
Ozotic 528
Ozotic 506 

Sold Out

Eat.Sleep.Polish. $11 each
Eat.Sleep.Polish. Sample - dark purple jelly with scatter holo
Eat.Sleep.Polish. Sam The Stallion
Eat.Sleep.Polish. Perry The Parakeet
Eat.Sleep.Polish. Who Ate All The Pies?
Eat.Sleep.Polish. Sample - charcoal holo
Eat.Sleep.Polish. Sample - pale grey almost white holo
Eat.Sleep.Polish. Supernova

OPI $3 each of 6/$16
OPI Center Of The You-niverse
OPI Meep Meep Meep
OPI Grape...Set...Match 
OPI Kiss Me At Midnight
OPI Gone Gonzo!
OPI Up Front & Personal

OPI $3 each of 6/$16
OPI This Color's Making Waves
OPI Excuse Moi!
OPI Tiffany Case
OPI Cosmo With A Twist
OPI Yodel Me On My Cell
OPI Fresh Frog Of Bel Air
OPI I Don't Give A Rotterdam!

Laquerlicious $5 each or 8/$35
Laquerlicious Divine Doll
Laquerlicious Washed Denim
Laquerlicious Salt Water
Laquerlicious Peacock Tail
Laquerlicious Supreme Queen
Laquerlicious Pebble Stone
Laquerlicious Lady Liberty
Laquerlicious Bouquet Toss

ILNP $8 each or 8/$60
ILNP Peace(H)
ILNP You're My Boy Blue
ILNP Rehab
ILNP Birefringence(H)
ILNP Summer Stargazing
ILNP Purple Plasma
ILNP Undenied(H)
ILNP Grape Alicious
ILNP Cygnus Loop(H)

ILNP $8 each or 8/$60
ILNP Mountain View
ILNP Shoreline
ILNP  Paper Route
ILNP  First Class
ILNP Super Juiced (ugly bottle syndrome - does not affect formula)
ILNP  Iconic
ILNP Music Box

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